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Salt Water Maintenance Tips

Salt Water Pools

Salt water pool chemicals are fairly easy to understand once you learn the basics about maintaining a salt water pool. They are also much cheaper to run since they use a chlorine generator to turn the salt in the water into chlorine rather than requiring traditional swimming pool chemicals. Many people find that this is a much more economical way to take care of a pool. Salt water pools are not completely free of swimming pool chemicals; they just use them in a different way. The swimming pool chemicals involved in this type of system are not complex. It is important to use chemicals to clean the pool surfaces. You will need to use swimming pool chemicals to remove scale from your pool, which builds up over time and causes white discoloration. You will need to use a swimming pool tile cleaner to remove calcium buildup from the tile on your pool.

Removing Foam

You can use swimming pool chemicals to remove foam from the water. This foam is caused by the buildup of oils and soaps on people that use the pool. If you ask people to shower before using the pool, you will have fewer problems with foam. It is important to keep the swimming pool chemicals balanced so that your pool equipment works properly and so that your water is free of any dangerous bacteria.

Spa Chemicals

Spa chemicals and swimming pool chemicals are often the same products but they are used in very different concentrations. It is important to read the instructions and test the water to ensure that you are maintaining water safety properly. Since a spa is at a much higher temperature, it is easy for bacteria to grow in the water. It is important to maintain an appropriate chemical balance in spa water for this reason. If the water isn’t properly treated, it can lead to rashes and infections.