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Advantages of a Security Door

Making your home secure and deterring a home invasion is perhaps the top priority on a homeowner’s list and a strong security door can help with this issue. This is because a security door is strong and can much better withstand and deter home invasion than a regular door. As a plus too, these doors are designed specifically to endure yearly changes in climate, rough winds and natural disasters; and they can add to the energy efficiency of your home as many doors are designed with this feature

But to address home invasion. According to research, most home invasions are actually made through doors, not windows as it is believed by most people. So a security door is the first line of defense against an illegal entry into your home. Plus, by providing this better protection it gives added peace of mind; especially if you are elderly.

security-doorIn addition, security doors don’t have to be ugly. They come in many designs and materials, so they can add beauty and style as well. These doors can also can be customized to your individual needs. As a choice for example, steel doors can come in single or in double panes with choices in how you want them to be locked. Additionally, they can be painted. You can even have fashionable security glass in the doors; glass which is specifically designed to be strong as well a pretty.

The doors can be made out of composite material which has the strength of steel. They come is all sizes also and can be special ordered for the size you need for an added cost if you have an older home that was perhaps built with a door entry that is not a standard size used by today’s home builders. All the doors which are true security doors also have keys that are made for each individual door by the way, so your door key is unique and not just a mass made factory key which another door may have.
To close, a security door can add beauty, strength against the elements and best of all, it will add to you added peace of mind.

Advantages of Security Storm Doors

18630722_sThere are many advantages to having a security screen door. One advantage is that storm doors provide extra insulation for front doors. This is good because a front door has cracks that run along the bottom and top as well as the sides of the entry. This is usually the main source of an air leakage in your home. A security door which is installed properly though will make a seal that will keep the warm air in and protect against ice, snow, rain and wind from causing damage to your front door while insulating it from these outside elements.

Another advantage of a security storm door is that it will increase natural light in the summer months if the front door is left open, but you will still have security. Also, it lets you see who is at your front door safely when you open it. Too it allows you a full view of the outside which can come in handy if you’re monitoring children or outside activities. Then you can leave your front door open, lock your security door and see what’s going on outside with your air conditioning or heating system running.

Additionally, which is what makes this door better than just a regular storm door, a security screen door has a secure locking device that is another barrier to unwanted entry or unwanted visitors. So you can open your door safely and screen your visitors before allowing them to come into your home. This is also ideal for unwanted solicitation; then you can refuse what is being offered and still shut your front door without getting the classic foot stuck in the opening.

Too, a security screen door can be installed quickly and easily. These doors can be installed in any number of doorframe materials also. These storm doors are designed to hold in place securely and fit into any frame surrounding your door. So whether your door frame is brick, wood, or vinyl; there’s a security storm door that will fit it.
As you can see, there are many benefits to installing a security storm door.

The Security Benefits of a Solid Door

solid-doorA security door is just what the name states it is, a door that makes the front door to your home more secure. These doors can be simply a storm security door or a screen security door which come in a wide variety of styles and colors. A custom made security door is the way to go if you want to make sure the fit of the door is tight though.

Additionally, a well-made security door has a strong frame made from steel or wrought iron. So then, this type of frame will give you more protection from home invasion attempts. Because the frame is so strong, it will last longer than the less expensive doors made from plastic or wood too. As far as the screening, in an ordinary screen door the screen is made from vinyl, but for a security door; stainless steel or aluminum is used to provide for better security.

Another thing to keep in mind in your security door is to make sure the door has non-removable pin hinges. If a thief can’t get to the hinges, then the door can’t be removed for unlawful entry. Also for maximum protection, install heavy duty deadbolts in your doors which are opened by a key or keys.

A steel door as a security door is a good option too if you want both durability and security. Steel doors won’t crack or warp either, and they’re stronger than fiberglass or wood doors. If any dings or dents do happen, they can be fixed with an auto-body repair kit too. Now; pricewise, steel doors cost less than other security doors if you buy them without glazing or hardware. As far as body type for comparison, a steel door has an inner frame which is made of wood or steel. Inside, the cavities are filled with a high-density type of foam insulation. Too, the door’s steel surface may have a wood grain pattern which is embossed or it can be smooth.

Make sure the door you chose also has good energy efficiency properties. These types of doors have better insulation which lets them hold in the heat during the winter and the cold during the summer (same effect oak doors provide, as stated at http://www.ukoakdoors.co.uk/). Most of these doors, also, include weather stripping that’s built-in on the bottom of the door to keep the weather elements out.

Security doors are made so you can sleep better at night.

Simple Ways to Improve Security

Home security is an important issue. There are many steps you can take to improve your home security. One of the most important is to make sure that the door entries to your home are strong. Home invasions often happen when the intruder forces his or her way through the front or back door of the home. If the door is older or is not secure, this can be easy for the intruder.

Investing in strong security doors is one way to increase your home security. You can purchase security storm doors that add an extra layer of protection to your home beyond your regular entry doors. There are many types of doors that can make it very difficult for someone to force their way into the house. There are doors that offer a variety of levels of security depending on how much home security you need for your situation.

A home security door is more than simply a door. Well constructed security storm doors are made in a way that provides more than one level of security. First, there is a lock that provides obvious protection. The frame of the door is very strong which makes it difficult to dislodge the door when it is locked. The hinges and fasteners on the doors are also strong which adds another level to home security. These various parts of the door all work together to make the door resistant to intruders. The door will only be as strong as its weakest component so it is important to ensure that the door is made by a good manufacturer who understands the importance of security doors and how they work.

Many people have beautiful, ornamental doors on their home that they would like to showcase. There are storm doors available that will improve the security of your home without taking away from your exterior doors.