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Keeping Your Elderly Parents Safe

When you live separately from your parents, you may begin to worry about their security as they age. They may resist your efforts to interfere as they value their independence. Many older people want to stay in their homes, even if the area isn’t as safe as it used to be. They aren’t interested in moving into retirement or assisted living communities. However, if you can present them with options for making their homes safer without interfering with their independence, your parents may be receptive to your ideas.

senior-securitySadly, senior citizens are often the targets of break-ins, especially when they live alone. If thieves suspect the individuals have a lot of cash, valuables or drugs on the premises, they may target the homes. Criminals often view the elderly as more vulnerable than other potential victims because they have set routines, limited outside contact and are easily intimidated.

You should encourage your parents to invest in good doors with secure bolts. This includes all the doors in the home. They may have already done this because it’s a well-known way to protect the home. Your parents may not be in the habit of locking doors, but encourage them to start. Unfortunately, the door is not the only way a home is vulnerable. Windows are a common entry point for criminals. They can pull doors away from frames easily and gain entry to the home.

How can you make windows more secure? Locks alone won’t help because the frame is still vulnerable. Consider investing in rolling security shutters. These shutters are on the outside of the window and roll down and lock in place. They are impenetrable when locked. Battery-operated shutters are available to make them easy for your parents to operate. Security shutters come in an attractive array of colors and fit in with the architectural design of any home. They are pleasing way to protect the home while increasing its security.

When it comes to home security beyond windows and doors, help educate your family about local scams that target senior citizens. There are local watchdog groups that will alert you to local crime activity patterns. These groups also provide educational programs to help senior citizens protect themselves physically and online.