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Fluid Online Marketing

Online marketing is an important tool for modern businesses. The challenge with online marketing is that the playing field is constantly changing. Your company needs a flexible strategy that can adapt to changes quickly. You and your colleagues should plan to meet regularly to discuss your marketing efforts and how they are working. Even if only one person in the company deals with social media, you should plan as a team.

Changes in social media

social media managerThink about how much social media has changed since the introduction of sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and lead-generating services (ones for payday loan leads, etc). Five years ago, some marketing managers didn’t think about these tools at all. Now, they’re a critical part of any company’s strategy. Print, television and other types of advertising are still important as well. A good strategy integrates all of these pieces to make a social media campaign that has the best chance of reaching potential customers.

Up-to-date campaigns

Many businesses choose to work with a consultant to help them keep social media campaigns up-to-date. They may also hire graphic designers and website developers to make the work of social media less cumbersome. Specialists may be able to do this work quickly and at a lower cost than you expect. Often, it’s cheaper to hire an expert than to try to do the work in-house. It’s important to pick a strategy that works for your business over time. You may be able to do some social media campaigns on your own and hire assistance for others.

Flexible strategies mean that your company can adapt to new changes. It’s important that you analyze your marketing plans on a frequent basis. Evaluate all the new trends in social media and determine whether you are effectively addressing that trend. You’ll need a knowledgeable staff member who understands trends in social media. A marketing consultant can also help in this area. You can work with a consultant on a monthly, quarterly or other basis to evaluate your social media campaigns and their effectiveness.

Keep in mind that you cannot develop a static marketing strategy and expect it to work over the long term. The days of planning all of your marketing and advertising for the next five years are over. The world changes too quickly. Customers rapidly change their behavior. Today, many consumers search for information on businesses before they make commitments. They search for business ratings on sites like Yelp! before they determine who they want to work with. They may ask for referrals through social media like Twitter or Facebook. Customers sometimes decide what they want or need by looking at sites like Pinterest or Instagram.

Some companies have found ways to market themselves with tools that customers already use. Restaurants and bars encourage customers to post pictures on Instagram. Retail businesses often advertise specials through Facebook and Twitter. Other businesses reward customers by encouraging them to share information on social media. For example, some companies run contests that customers enter by retweeting or reposting information on Facebook. Some businesses allow users to pin products to Pinterest. Companies have to develop these strategies quickly to keep up with new customer behavior on the internet.

A constant presence

social media risksSocial media marketing has to be constant in order to be effective. You cannot post occasionally to Facebook and expect to have an impact. Your Facebook page needs to be interactive in order to attract visitors. You can use a Facebook site to invite customers to events. You can also share coupons with them or invite them to discussions. Whatever you do, it has to fit in with the way customers are currently using Facebook. Customers change their behavior on Facebook constantly due to changes in the tool itself. Your Twitter account also needs to be active on a regular basis to keep users interested.

Users often stop following Twitter accounts that don’t offer new or useful information. Many users find information from hashtags or sponsored tweets. The person in charge of social media at your company must stay aware of the latest trends. He or she should constantly check for new social media trends platforms. He or she should then evaluate how best to integrate new social media trends into your company’s efforts immediately.

Search engine optimization

There are a number of marketing sites on the internet that can help you understand new trends in marketing. You can learn how to naturally place keywords for search engine optimization (SEO). It’s important to keep abreast of new SEO tools because search engines are constantly evolving. You may have an SEO strategy that works for now, but becomes stagnant due to changes in Google or in customer behavior. It used to be acceptable to place lots of keywords in articles to improve your search engine ranking. Today, that kind of keyword approach is ineffective and can even harm your search engine rankings.


If you are blogging, you may already be using the WordPress tool. WordPress is constantly changing. New plug-ins and tools are constantly being developed. You should ensure that you are using the latest version of WordPress and that you are taking advantage of all of its features. You may need to hire a web development professional on a temporary basis to help you optimize WordPress. An experienced developer can quickly set up the plug-ins that you need most. It’s often cheaper easier to hire someone than try to learn all the ins and outs of WordPress yourself.

Evaluating efforts

There are a variety of tools that can help you evaluate your marketing efforts. You can check page views, incoming traffic on your website, retweets and other social media statistics. If your company offers discounts or coupons through social media, you can determine which ones are being used most. This will give you reliable information about which marketing efforts are working and which ones aren’t.


The most important part of your marketing strategy is your ability to stay current and adapt to new trends. You may find it helpful to work with a consultant who is constantly focused on these trends. If you handle marketing on your own, remember that you need to evaluate information frequently and thoroughly. What tools are bringing in new customers? How can you integrate new trends into your company’s marketing strategy? Are you doing things that aren’t working? If so, how can you adjust to make your efforts as effective as possible?

The Value of Hiring a Professional SEO Company

SEOYou’ve built a great looking website, but without the proper search engine optimization you aren’t going to bring the targeted traffic you need to your site. While you can attempt to do your own optimization, the success rate is slim if you’re not informed of the latest indexing algorithms from Google and trends. Since your site’s naturalized optimization is critical to the success of your website, you should hire a SEO company that has professionals on staff to help create a winning, customized strategy to fit your goals and budget.


Today organic SEO is recognized as the way to go. Naturalized SEO focuses on your site’s content and code, along with ensuring your keywords are within the content and appear the appropriate number of times to maintain the correct keyword density for the search engines to pay attention.


How organic SEO will change your business:

  • Increase the traffic to your website that is targeted and therefore more likely to purchase
  • Improve your current rankings in SERP (Search Engine Results Page)
  • Improve your long term traffic and rankings so that you can maintain this over the years
  • Control your expenses because you are not paying for PPC advertising that can be very costly; organic campaigns are usually billed at a set monthly amount


Organic SEO practices will also make ensure that your website isn’t participating in unethical practices (commonly known as Black Hat) that over the long term will harm your business’s online presence. With truly naturalized web placement there is no blog spamming, no email spamming, no link farms, no random links, no 3-way links and no redirect hijacking.


Why Organic SEO is so Successful

  • With naturalized SEO the content is the focus, because it is this content that the search engine spiders will read to determine what your site pages are all about.
  • The search engines will often utilize the content you provide in your title tag to learn what your page is about, so make sure that this is accurate.
  • When you take time doing your research and include a useable link structure that’s relevant to your site, you make the search engines happy.
  • You don’t pay per click and there’s no advertising, so organic listings helps eliminate fraudulent clicks and make it more likely that quality traffic is reaching your business’ website.


Some complain that organic SEO requires too much time and effort, but what they don’t realize is that the benefits are significant, making it worth the time you put into it or the money you spend with a professional. Others are impatient; instead they prefer the immediate effects of using a link

What is Google Penguin 2.0?

google penguinGoogle has recently implemented their latest algorithm update Google Penguin 2.0 in an effort to further target websites that contain inbound links from sites that are questionable, irrelevant, low-quality, and in general questionable. SEO marketing teams are quickly bringing themselves up to speed with these changes so that they can continue to bring organic search traffic to their clients websites. If you manage your own sites, you’ll need to become familiar with these changes.


For years Google has been telling webmasters to create content that is interesting, relevant, and targets their specific market. However, typically until recently, search engines didn’t do a great job of recognizing the difference between good and bad content. Google Penguin 2.0 does a better job of validating the off page links that separate good content from the rest and marketing companies are ensuring the content of their client sites meets these new expectations.


For online content to gain visibility it needs to be read and shared. If content really is good and visitors really do like what they find the theory is that information should quickly be shared and therefore it should be easily found on relevant third-party authoritative sites.


Penguin 2.0 will specifically target sites that get most of their links from untrustworthy, unauthoritative sites. Generally, this is attributed to average content. Search engine marketing specialists will ensure you do not fall into this trap.


Instead, you should focus on creating SEO content that is more than just average – content that stands out as original, is packed with valuable information that is relevant, and contains content that can drive leads, conversions, referral traffic, email list growth and social buzz. Having a marketing team working for you will ensure that your site content is what Google and other search engines are looking for.


When SEO content is remarkable, there is no question that online media wants to know all about it and to share it. However, as good as the intentions are, not all of the remarkable content that finds its way onto the internet gets mentioned. That’s where a professional marketing company can really shine ensuring you get the exposure you should through a number of sources including the use of digital public relations (PR) techniques to ensure that your content is exposed to large audiences of relevant traffic.

Why Your Business Should Use WordPress

Wordpress DesignWordPress is one of the most user friendly platforms available today, even better, this CMS or content management system is free. Just stop by WordPress.com to get your copy, unless of course you are using one of the many hosting services with 1 step install.


Essentially, creating a basic website quickly and affordably has been made possible with this CMS. Those of you seeking advanced functionality, customization, or features may still need to enlist the help of a professional website designer to make your site just perfect. Whichever way you choose to go, WordPress is still a great choice and here are just a few of the reasons why.

Reason #1: WordPress is Simple and User Friendly

WordPress is easy to navigate and those of you with even basic skills should be able to navigate and update your site. Even though you can make a lot of improvements to the site yourself, getting everything setup may be better left to a professional, but once that is done, you can take the reins on your new site.


Reason #2: WordPress is Open Source

WordPress is open source, meaning they allow everyone to participate in its development. The advantage to this is that there are thousands of people working to improve WordPress, rather than just one single company.


Reason #3: WordPress is SEO Friendly

In addition to being user friendly, WordPress is very SEO friendly as well. There are several programs that will help you set up basic SEO without any expertise in the area. WordPress websites tend to do much better with naturalized web placement in search engines than other website development platforms; one of my favorite plugins is Yoast SEO. This is a great tool and with some studying or professional help, can make a big difference in the amount of traffic to your site.


Reason #4: WordPress Has Several Plugin

Plugins are basically add-ons that give your website advanced functionality. This could include adding a store to your site, increasing the ability for social sharing, or even allowing single sign in features. If you are not sure where to start, a professional website designer can get you headed in the right direction. Remember, time is valuable, don’t waste yours guessing while a pro could be fixing.


Reason #5: WordPress Makes it Easy to Update Content

You don’t have to know any complicated HTML formulas to update your website with WordPress. It comes with a simple rich text editor that anyone can use. This means that once your site has been designed, you should be able to login and update content and blogs on your site. If you do need some advanced HTML coding on your site, be sure to consult a professional to avoid costly damages.


Reason #6: WordPress Themes are Aesthetically Pleasing

Sometimes you need a website, but have a very limited budget. Selecting one of the free WordPress themes is a great way to get started. As your budget increases, you can then improve your current theme or even have a custom one made for your site.


Ultimately WordPress has forever changed the way in which many of us will build our website. Rather you try it yourself or enlist professional help, you would be wise to choose WordPress for your personal or business Website.


Why You Should Hire a Professional to Maintain Your Social Media Accounts

maintenanceMaintaining your social media accounts may seem like something you can do on your own. Why should you hire a professional? There are a number of good reasons to hire a professional to manage your social media accounts. First, it is very time consuming to manage your company’s digital presences. Secondly, it takes a great deal of research and effort to make your company visible online.

Search Engine Optimization, referred to as SEO, means that you take steps to make sure that your website is visible to customers when they search for it online. You must understand what keywords customers use to search for similar products and services that would lead them to your website. You should also understand what keywords searches are currently leading people to your website. Once you understand this information, you should then develop content that will include these keywords and search terms. This will increase the chances that search engines like Google or Bing will rank your website among the top search results it returns when customers enter those key search terms.

Keywords and search terms are not static. You can’t depend on people to always use the same terms to lead them to your website. Changes in the marketplace may affect how they search for information. A professional SEO or social media manager knows that it is important to constantly research media to adapt website content. This is how they keep the company’s SEO presence strong and ensure that customers are finding the company’s content as quickly as possible.

You can do these tasks yourself, but they are extremely time-consuming. The research should be a daily task. In addition to monitoring search terms, it is important to monitor the incoming website traffic to make sure that SEO efforts are having results. Often, hiring a social media professional is the best route to ensuring your business’ digital success.

How can I increase my business’ online presences?

online presenceIf you are like most business owners, one of your concerns is increasing your business’ online presence. One way you can do this is through Search Engine Optimization. This is the most effective way to make your company more visible to the people who are most likely to be interested in your company’s products and services.

Search Engine Optimization is a method of making your website more visible to those readers who are searching for goods and services online. It helps you get the largest possible number of visitors to your website by ensuring that your website is high on the list of naturalized results that search engines like Google and Bing produce. When you use Search Engine Optimization techniques, you try to drive traffic to the site organically or naturally instead of paying sponsorship or placement fees.

When you use Search Engine Optimization, you try to increase your business’ online presence by working naturally within the criteria search engines want. You should consider the way people search for the kinds of products and services that your business offers. Then, you research the search terms and keywords that people typically use to find the kind of products and services that you offer.

When you understand what types of searches your potential clients are performing, then you can work on tailoring your keywords so they will be able to find your business online. You should develop content that incorporates the keywords and search terms that are most popular and related to your business. You can naturally integrate these keywords and search terms into your website through blog articles, videos and other online content. Then, when users search for the types of products and services you offer, they will find your business easily because your company will show up in the top search results that are returned by search engines. This is how Search Engine Optimization can help increase your company’s online presence.

What is Naturalized SEO Placement?

You may already be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that the company takes steps to influence the visibility of the company’s web page or product’s web page on search engines like Google or Bing. Naturalized SEO placement means that the company does not pay to have the webpage placed at the top of search result rankings. Instead, the company uses a variety of strategies to naturally influence the search rankings.

When you search for a particular term or phrase, you received a ranked list of websites that the search engine provides. The goal of naturalized SEO placement is to be at the top of the list for certain terms that are naturally related to your website’s content. This will lead readers who are looking for related products and services to your website.

There are many ways to integrated naturalized SEO placement into your website. One way is to have content, such as articles and videos on your website which contain keywords that your readers are likely to put into search engines. You should regularly review the keywords and search terms that lead readers to your site. Then, you should update the content on your site to include these keywords and search terms.

You will need to do research to find out what keywords are most popular when it comes to search engines in general. It will do you no good to populate your website with unpopular terms, even if they are related to your products and services. You will have to constantly monitor media to find out the latest popular search terms and determine if they should be integrated into your content. Naturalized SEO placement can bring a lot of traffic to your website if it is used properly. It is worth the effort it will take to research and blend keywords into your web content.