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Stress Hormones and Shedding

Dealing with shedding is a part of owning a dog. You’ve probably noticed that your dog sheds more at specific times. Stress hormones play a big part in shedding. If your pet is overexcited and stressed by changes, he or she will be much more likely to shed. Dogs have stress hormones just like humans. When dogs are experiencing stress, they often show it physically.

What causes stress for dogs? There are many factors. Moving may upset the dog. Any changes to routine can cause problems. If you suddenly start traveling a great deal, the dog may get upset. If your schedule is erratic, this can also cause the dog to release stress hormones. New pets, other animals in the neighborhood, lack of exercise and many other influences can cause an animal to feel stress.

puppy groomingYour dog grooming professional can give you advice about controlling shedding between dog grooming sessions. Brushing your pet will make a big difference and it’s a great way to bond with your pet. The brushing, if done properly, can help your animal relax. A dog grooming professional that knows your dog may notice signs of stress. He or she may tell you if the dog is shedding too much and help you come up with solutions for managing stress and reducing hair loss.

Certified dog grooming professionals are trained to notice a variety of dog behaviors. Working with one of these groomers may help you monitor your dog’s stress level, especially if you bring the animal in regularly. They often notice subtle signs of stress that owners may not be aware of. These include excessive nose and lip licking, panting, pinned ears, avoiding eye contact, lack of attention, low tails, whining and sweaty paws. Other stress signs include restlessness, pacing, inattentiveness and dilated pupils.

While you are working to reduce stress for your animal, your dog grooming professional can help you manage shedding. Often, the undercoat of the dog is the source of the majority of the shedding. De-shedding shampoos can help by stimulating hair follicles and circulation. The dog grooming professional can also use techniques to loosen hair and the undercoat which will reduce the amount of hair loss.