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Kitchen Sink Styles

When redoing your kitchen, and thinking about replacing the kitchen sink, do you know how many different styles there are? There is one to fit whatever remodeling dream you have. All you need to do is choose the one you think will suit your new design best and then talk it over with your professional contractor. So, just in case you don’t know your choices, below is a helpful list:

  • Vessel sinks: These sinks used to be just for bathrooms, but now moving them into the kitchen has caught on. A vessel sink sits on the counter, or slightly below it. Because of this position, you don’t have to bend over it like a traditional sink which is easier on the back. They come in a variety of materials, so one will match the look that you’ve chosen.
  • Farmhouse sinks: It’s also called an apron sink. It’s rectangular, has an exposed front and is extra deep. It’s set into of the counter, and the hardware is installed right into the countertop too. The installation of the faucets is either to the side of the basin or behind it.
  • Trough sinks: This sink is leaner and longer than a regular one. It can handle up to four faucets and drains, and about as many people using it. These are ideal for families who like to cook in groups, or for someone who gardens or does crafting. You can run several faucets at once to get the job completed efficiently.
  • Seamless sinks: This sink is melded right into the countertop into a single piece. It eliminates the problem of trying to clean that tiny crevice between the sink and countertop. The sink looks as if it’s flowing into the countertop. You can also have it manufactured from the same material as your countertop, for example, quartz or natural stone.

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, think about adding a new style of the sink too.