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Different Storage Ideas for Your Small Kitchen

When you cook in a small kitchen without room to move around it can become frustrating. But there are some ideas for a kitchen which has limited space and few cabinets. So, below are some thoughts which might make moving around in your kitchen a little easier:

  • If you’re cramming everything into your cabinet space, you need to stop. Overcrowding and stuffing things into your cupboards can cause you difficulty when you’re trying to find a much-needed item. Instead, have a pullout shelf added to your cabinet. This way you can reach everything you need quickly.
  • Put your pots in and pans in a well-designed bottom cabinet. This way they’re easier to reach, and you won’t be searching under the sink or in a dark recess of a cabinet for them.
  • A roll-out trash bin will give you more floor space. It can be concealed inside a cabinet and pulled out when needed, then rolled back in.
  • Place a magazine rack on the inside of a cabinet door, or your sink door. Then put your aluminum foil, plastic wrap and sandwich bags in the rack. This frees up a drawer which can be better used for something else.
  • If you have open space under your cabinets, install a toe-kick drawer. It will give you extra space to store dishes you don’t use much, or other less used items.
  • Have you thought about a drawer organizer? If you reach into a drawer to pull out a spatula and three other cooking utensils fall on the floor, you may need one. Also, you may want or clean out and organize your junk drawer. Get rid of anything which isn’t necessary to make room for what is needed.
  • If you check between your refrigerator and the wall behind it, you’ll usually find a gap of about 4-10 inches. You can use this for a slide out pantry for canned goods and use the space your canned goods are taking up for something else. Be sure that the refrigerator isn’t placed too close because the back of it can be quite warm.

To get more space for your small kitchen, look around and see what is usable.