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What products do I use in my spa?

spa foamKeeping a spa clean and hygienic is an ongoing challenge. Because of the high temperature of a spa, it is especially important to make sure the water is sanitized. Bacteria can breed quickly in water that is kept at a high temperature. That is why it is important to use the right swimming pool chemicals to keep your spa in top condition. If you do not use the right swimming pool chemicals in the appropriate amounts, you can end up with a skin rash very easily.

There are several spa products that contain the swimming pool chemicals you need to keep your spa sparkling and bright. Bio-dex offers a range of products that will keep your spa safe for regular use. You can use Spa Foam to eliminate the foam that naturally builds up in spas due to the lotions and soaps on the users’ skin. Spa Protect will help to keep your spa and its equipment in good shape by controlling stain, calcium, rust and corrosion. Spa Super Sparkle will cleans the spa water to keep it in the sparkling condition that you will want for your spa. Spa Oil Out can help keep your spa safe and clean by removing body oils, suntan oils, lotions, grease and other oil problems that can negatively affect your spa. Spa Stain-off removes the cobalt, iron and copper stains that affect the appearance of your hot tub.

You should follow the instructions carefully when you are using spa products and swimming pool chemicals. In some cases, you should not enter the spa immediately after putting chemicals into the water. This can cause a body rash and may hamper the effectiveness of the chemicals you have used. The amount of swimming pool chemicals you will need to use will vary depending on how often you use the spa and how many people in the spa at once.