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Features of a Custom Special Needs Bathroom

If you or someone who lives with you is disabled, having every part of the home accessible is important. This can include having a bathroom with special features to accommodate the disability. Because for a person who’s disabled, trying to use a standard bathroom can be extremely frustrating, not to mention challenging. Now when custom designing a special needs bathroom it needs to be not only functional, but comfortable and relaxing too. So what kind of special features are needed? Well, below is a list of thoughts for features in a custom designed special needs bathroom.

  • Modern technology is very helpful. So digital facets can be installed which have motion sensors so that stretching and reaching for the water taps and showerheads isn’t necessary. Also, water which is remote controlled as well as the water pressure too is even more handy. There are even remote controls for turning off and on lights and opening and shutting doors.
  • Walk-in showers can be both elegant and functional. There are also walk-in showers at floor level so that a wheelchair can ride into them. Wheelchairs can be made water resistant too so it’s easier entering and exiting showers. Also, having a sliding door installed that’s not as difficult to open and close can be done.
  • Custom toilets can be ordered for more comfortability at specific heights. Now to help with getting onto the seat, find out what the comfort zone is for the person and then get the measurements. It will be customized for the person and can even include safety bars to help with getting up and down.
  • Sinks can be designed so that a wheelchair will fit comfortably under them so that a disabled person can reach the sink to wash face and hands. Brushing teeth is also made easier with a custom designed sink. Additionally, custom build cabinets can be made so that the person can reach towels and other personal need items.

A bathroom for a disabled person can be functional, elegant and relaxing too.