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Weaver’s Needle – A Prominent Feature of the Superstition Mountain Range

Weaver’s Needle is a distinctive peak located in the Superstition Mountain Range. The area is east of Phoenix, Arizona. Weaver’s Needle has a special place in history due to gold mines in the region. It also has a special association with the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. People have been trying to establish or find gold mines in the area for years.

Weaver’s Needle is the most prominent landmark in the Superstition Mountain Range. It has an elevation of 4553 feet. There are a lot of legends about gold mines throughout western mining history. The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is a tale about one of the richest gold mines in existence which is supposedly located in the southwestern United States. The mine is named for Jacob Waltz, a German immigrant, who reputedly discovered the mine in the 1900s and would not identify the location. According to some legends, the mine is cursed. In other versions of the story, the mine is protected by guardians that wish to keep it a secret. There are other gold mines with rich historic tales, such as the Lost Pegleg Mine in California and the story of the lost treasure of Captain Kid’s lost treasure. However, The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine legend is one of the most enduring tales of all time.

weavers needleMany people believe that The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is located in the shadows of Weaver’s Needle. The peak resembles a needle or spire and casts a distinctive shadow. Some gold hunters believe that the needle indicates the location of The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. Countless treasure hunters have hunted for the mine in vain.

Since Weaver’s Needle is so distinct, some people believe it is the neck or plug of a volcano. Actually, the peak was formed through the process of erosion. It is not necessarily a good location for gold mines because it is made of a type of rock that is not hospitable to any type of metals, including gold. However, it is still an attractive area for people who seek gold due to the legends surrounding the area.

The Legend of The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

The lost dutchman gold mineArizona gold mining is becoming more popular as prospectors find plentiful claims throughout the state. People are constantly wondering where to find gold so they can establish the next prosperous mine. The rich history of Arizona gold includes a famous legend about The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. This story has been told for over 150 years.

There is a long-standing superstition about the most famous source of Arizona gold. Many believe that the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is located somewhere in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. It was supposedly found by Jacob Waltz while he was prospecting in the nineteenth century. According to legend, he kept the mine’s location secret. Many gold miners every year try to find the mine. Some gold miners believe in this legendary source of Arizona gold while others believe the Lost Dutchman Mine is sheer fiction.

There are many versions of the famous Arizona gold mining story about the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine. One version of the story focuses on the Apache tribe. Members of the tribe found an Arizona gold mine in the Superstition Mountains. The family of Miguel Peralta found the mine and began mining. They were supposedly attacked or killed by Apache tribe members. This same story features a man named Dr. Thorne who treated a sick Apache tribe member years later. He was taken to this Arizona gold mine and allowed to take a great deal of gold with him. Dr. Thorne would not reveal the location of the mine.

There is another version of the tale in which two men named Waltz and Weiser found a rich Arizona gold mine in the Superstition Mountains. In some versions of the tale, these men save a member of the Peralta family who then tells them where the mine is located. Weiser is killed by either Apache tribe members or Waltz but lives long enough to tell a man named Dr. Walker the location of the man. Waltz later makes a deathbed confession of the crime to a woman and draws a map of the Lost Dutchman’s mine.

A later version of the story features two United States Army soldiers. They found a rich source of gold in a mountain area similar to the one described in the Lost Dutchman’s legend. Supposedly, the soldiers die or disappear soon after finding the gold. Although none of these stories has ever been proved, they are a part of Arizona gold mining history.

Finding Gold Mines for Sale

Gold mining is an important part of U.S. history because miners have found vast stores gold in the area that have led to financial gain. The process of finding gold mines for sale is complicated. If you are interested in learning more about gold mines for sale, there are several important things you should know.

When you are looking for gold mines for sale, you will find that you can purchase gold mining claims. A claim on a mine is different than buying real estate property. When you “stake a claim” you are claiming the rights to gold or diamonds that are found in the land’s gravel or sand. You will not own the other parts of the land, like rocks, water or the surface of the land.

There are a variety of gold mines for sale. You can protect yourself from buying a useless claim by prospecting the land before buying the claim. Some companies prospect the land before selling it. This is helpful to people who are finding gold mines for sale. The land has already been proven to have gold. You should research the company before you agree to purchase the claim. The company will help you with some of the paperwork which will make the process simpler for you. When you are finding goal mines for sale, this kind of support is extremely simple.

There are many gold mines for sale in the Arizona area. Miners who are looking for gold often turn to this area of the country. One of the most promising Arizona mining claims for sale is in the Superstition Mountains. They are a mountain range to the east of Phoenix, Arizona. They are famous in the mining community as the location of the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine which is the legend of a rich gold mine in the area.


What You Need to Know About Arizona Gold Mining

Modern Gold Mining in the United States

Gold mining has been going on in the western United States for years. You may be used to thinking of Colorado as the location of most gold mines, but there are active mines in many areas of the west. If you are looking for gold mines for sale, you should consider Arizona. There are gold mines for sale in the Superstition Mountains, Kingman and Crown King. There are gold deposits in this area that have been exposed by erosion over the years.

Finding gold mines for sale may seem simple at first. Many companies offer gold mines for sale on the internet. There are some things you should understand before you spend money. When you purchase a gold mine, you are actually “staking a claim.” This is a term that has been around since the Gold Rush in the nineteenth century. The process of staking a claim is detailed in the General Mining Act of 1872. It describes the paperwork, fees and taxes that are involved in the claim process.

When you are finding gold mines for sale, you are actually looking for claims for sale. The claim means that you have claimed the right to the precious minerals in the land. In the case of Arizona gold mines for sale, you are mostly claiming the right to the gold in the land. When you purchase the claim, you will not own the land itself. You can’t build a house or another structure on the land. You don’t own the dirt or grass or gravel. You only own the mineral rights.

Companies that do surveying often offer claims for sale. Many people who are interesting in finding gold mines for sale turn to surveying companies. This is because it is extremely complicated to survey the land. It is much simpler to purchase a pre-established claim.