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Horse Boarding –Tips On Choosing A Good Stable

  1. horse boardingTour the stables and pastures.  Are the horses currently boarding at the facility contented and healthy?  Is the hay fresh and not moldy?  Are the water buckets clean and filled with fresh water?  Are the fences strong and in good repair?  These details can be indicators of whether or not the horses are being cared for properly and on a regular basis.

  2. Does the stable require that new boarders and current boarders be up-to-date on their vaccinations, deworming treatments, and fecal egg count tests?  Again, you do not want to board your horse with other horses that may be sick or spread parasites.

  3. Make sure that that the horse boarding facility has an emergency plan in effect in case they cannot reach you.  Typically, you want there to be some kind of written and signed permission on file that if they cannot contact you in an emergency situation, you have given authorization for your horse to be treated by the veterinarian.

  4. Does the ranch have a good reputation in the community?  Call around and ask local vets if they recommend the stable for boarding.  In addition, when you take a tour of the boarding facility, talk to some of the other owners and ask if they are satisfied with the care and conditions with the mare motel and the staff that run it.

  5. On-site farriers can reduce the time and trouble of hauling your horse to be shoed.  Check to see if the boarding facility offers on-site farrier services.

  6. Similarly, you can reduce a lot of the headache by hiring a professional trainer associated with the ranch. Ask if there is an on-site trainer at the facility and get details about the types of horse training offered.

  7. Do you need storage area for your tack?  If you want to store your equipment, such as your saddle and bridle at the stables, check first to make sure there is an area where you can safely and securely store your tack.

  8. Pick a ranch that uses the same discipline and training methods that you do, if possible.  If you do Western riding, choose a Western stable.  Also, if you use natural training methods, select a stable that focuses on this type of training, rather than one that focuses on classical training.  You will be more comfortable if you are surrounded by people using the same discipline and training methods that you do.