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Products for Zeolite Filter Media

zeolite poolSince pools have been around, people have experimented with a variety of swimming pool chemicals to treat water. Pool filters have evolved along with swimming pool chemicals in the effort to keep pools clean with minimal effort. Sand, sand/anthracite and multimedia filters have been in use for years. Zeolite Filter Media has become more popular as researchers have discovered its highly effective filtering powers. Some tests show that Zeolite Filter Media are more effective than most other existing types of filters.

Even the best filters need care over time. When filters don’t work properly, the water will immediately begin to deteriorate. It can become dull, hazy and cloudy and generally unappealing. Swimming pool chemicals like water clarifiers can be a temporary fix for water problems, but the filter itself needs to be treated to keep water sparkling clean over the long term. It’s important to use the swimming pool chemicals that are appropriate for your filter so that you get the best possible results. The right chemicals will also protect your filter.

Bio-Dex’s Zero Filter Cleaner is especially designed to clean Zeolite Filter Media. It is one of the swimming pool chemicals that is best designed to maximize the efficiency of these types of filters. Pools don’t stay clean or run effectively when the filter is dirty. Zeolite Filters should be cleaned 30 days after you start up your pool to remove all the buildup acquired during the initial startup. If you use the product on a regular basis, you’ll find that your water stays cleaner and requires less maintenance for you.

Swimming pool chemicals for Zeolite Filter Media should perform a number of functions. The swimming pool chemicals should remove scale, mineral content and oil so that the filter functions properly. If your water has high mineral content, you should soak the filter in the cleaner for four to twelve hours. If the pool has unusually high mineral content, buildup or scale issues, soak the filter overnight. In these cases, you should also clean the filter more than once a year. Cleaning the filter every four to six weeks will prevent troublesome buildup.