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Removing Oil from Water

Keeping a pool, spa or fountain clear and clean can be an ongoing battle. If you use the right swimming pool chemicals to treat your pool and test the water regularly, you will find that the water will be in good condition most of the time. When you have several people in the pool, they can affect the chemistry of the water. Most people put on sunscreen to protect their skin. Some people wear heavy lotions which can affect the condition of your pool water. In some cases, people wear baby oils, which are especially challenging to deal with. You can buy swimming pool chemicals that will help you deal with this problem if it becomes particularly troublesome.

It is important that your filter is in good working condition. The filter will help to clean out many of the deposits in the water and works with the swimming pool chemicals. You should run your pools filter according to the manufacturer’s recommended instructions. Some types of filters need to run longer than others depending on the size of the pool and the amount of use the pool gets. You should check each season to ensure that your filter is in good working conditions.

It’s important to regularly clean your pool. You should check the chemistry of the water regularly to ensure that your swimming pool chemicals are in balance properly. You should check a pool weekly. You should check a spa weekly or monthly depending on the amount you use it. The swimming pool chemicals in fountains also need to be checked on a regular basis.

Bio-Dex’s Oil-Out is one of the best swimming pool chemical for eliminating sunscreen, lotions and oils from your swimming pool and spa. The product is organic and will naturally convert the oil to water. It can also be used in ponds and fountains and other standing water fixtures where oil can be a problem.