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Hot Water Heater – What Does It Actually Do For You

How would you survive without your hot water heater? Your hot water heater is one of the most essential (and usually forgotten) appliances in your household. It provides comfort for your daily needs – bathing, laundry, cleaning and cooking. Hot water is key to our needs, one item that has grown in popularity is instant hot water – saving not only energy making it a greener solution, but the time it takes for your hot water to travel to its destination. For those who are not familiar with hot recirculation pumps, these gems can instantly heat water to make it ready for use in a matter of moments.

Now, if you want to install an instant hot water recirculating pump in your home there are a variety of locations that would be beneficial. Some of the most popular locations is your home are the kitchen and bathroom. Wouldn’t it be great it be great if you could just turn on the shower when you’re ready to get in, instead of waiting for several minutes for the water to heat up before you are brave enough to get it? With a hot water recirculating pump, your shower is ready when you are.

Instant hot water pumps do not require much maintenance and you do not require anything special to have one added to your home. Instant hot water systems use your home’s existing cold water line supply as the return-line to your hot water heater. A pump is used to initiate a pressure differential that provides a way for the cool and cold water in the hot water supply line to circumnavigate into the cold line supply through a thermostatically valve that is installed under the sink that is the further distance from the water heater.