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How to Stop Scale From Building Up on Your Plumbing Pipes

water softenersHere’s an interesting statistic: Only 1% of the water that comes into your home actually ends up in your body. So why focus so much on what you’re drinking? Because it’s important to your health. The rest of the water or “working water” can have an effect on the life of your plumbing and appliances so the quality of water in your home is important.

Hard water is usually the worst offender and homeowners who suspect they have a problem may need a water softener. It’s not too hard to tell if your water needs attention: If your soap fails to lather, or you notice water stains on your shower doors or fixtures, it may be time to get your water tested.

Testing is the only sure fire way to determine if your water is hard enough to be causing damage to your indoor plumbing. If the presence of excessive levels of calcium and magnesium are detected, it may be time to look for a water softener.

Why It’s Important

Hard water can cause all kinds of problems in a home. Some of the problems are superficial, such as hard water stains on your shower door or bathroom surfaces. But the real damage occurs from the build-up of scale—a chalky-like substance that clogs your pipes and drains. The scale builds slowly at first, but can eventually cause drains and pipes to clog. It can also create real problems in hot water heaters and water-using appliances.

A water softener typically uses salt to remove minerals and then replaces them with softer minerals like sodium and potassium, improving the life span of your indoor pipes and appliances.

Do Your Homework

You can buy a water softener outright or rent one by the month, but be sure to investigate the product and the company you’re buying from. You’re looking for a reputable company that offers the homeowner a guarantee.

Study the various water softeners on the market, and consider the size of your home, your family and your typical water usage. It’s important to calculate how much water you’ll need to purify. Since the average person uses 80 gallons of water per day, multiply .80 by the number of people living in your home and then multiply that number by 10 to represent the grains of hardness you’ll need in your supply. A family of 4 typically needs a 32000 grain water softener.

There are several different types of water softeners and it will take some research to choose the one that works best for your household and lifestyle. Some models add the minerals manually based on water usage while others are time based. You can also choose between models that are salt-based or use other technology to soften the water.

Water Heater Replacement – How To Control Your Hot Water Bills

Hot water is a home essential but there is no limit to the money you spend on energy bills, water heater replacement and repair. Many households in the United States, especially in areas like Arizona end up paying too much in energy bills and heater repair cost because they do not realize the real culprit behind these problems: the hard water! Often times you may end up discouraged with your plumber for installing what you believe is a ‘low quality’ product in your home because your water heater does not delivery hot water quick enough, but the issue make not be the heater at all, but the water being fed into it.

Why Should You Install a Whole House Filter?

If you install a water purification system in your home, you will reduce maintenance costs on your water heater. Next time your garage floods because your water heater went out, just open it to see the sediments and bad odor; this is usually caused by minerals in the hard water and it affects the hot water production as well because sediment builds up on the walls, preventing heat sinks being in direct contact with the water. In some areas, the water hardness is too high; so much so that a thick layer of minerals will form on the heater walls and it will take hours for the water to heat up.

When you’re water heater is full of hard, calcium-rich water it constantly work to keep your water hot. Sometimes the cost to replace your hot water is more economical than repairing it because newer models are more energy efficient. The permanent solution to these problems and to enjoy instant hot water, you need to install a high efficiency whole house water softener so that can make your water soft. You will also save on your energy bills and all your plumbing fixtures and pipes will last much longer.

5 Problems That Water Softeners Can Solve In Your Home

Why do you buy water softeners if you are comfortable drinking hard water? Well, think again because drinking is not the only thing you are going to do with water. You need water for almost everything associated with a household and there are many problems that hard water can cause. Here are the top 5 problems that hard water causes and the perfect solution for these problems is a water conditioner.

Gray Staining On Clothes – It doesn’t matter what detergent you buy or which washing mode you choose on your washer, you are going to end up with stained clothes. If the clothes don’t develop stains, they are definitely going to lose color and fabric quality in a couple of washes, regardless of how much they cost. You will ultimately end up with faded clothes that will quickly make their way to the “around the house” clothes pile.

Skin Problems – How many of you know that hard water can’t wash off soap from your body but instead it creates soapy foam on your skin that prevents perspiration. Eventually you will develop skin problems and itching from the soap residue.

Low Lather – Reducing lathering of soaps and detergents result in excessive usage of these products. Synthetic detergents come with cleaning properties that becomes deactivated in hard water.

Build-Up – Build up on plumbing and electrical components not only cost you when you replace them but you will also have to deal with excessive energy bills because buildups in heaters and heating will take much longer than if you have soft water.

Bad Taste For Your Favorite Drinks – The taste of your sun tea, herbal tea and espresso will be poor if you’re using hard water.

By installing a water softener, you will get high quality soft water in your home and all these issues can be resolved. Not only that you can solve these issues, but you will also benefit from lower maintenance on your plumbing and appliances.