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Top 5 Benefits of Adding a Water Softener to your Home

water softenerRecent studies have indicated the nearly 90% of homes in the United States have hard water at some level. While mildly hard water is not of major concern, those of you who rate higher on the scale should be concerned. Testing your water is the best way to find out the concentration of heavy metals in it, and upon getting the results; you may want to consider adding a drinking water filter system or even a whole house water softener to your home. Here are a few of the reasons why.

#1 Saving Money

Hard water can be a real pain if you are trying to cut costs. The high concentration of dissolved metals will reduce the effectiveness of your cleaning supplies. Failing to treat and remove heavy metals from your water is a very costly mistake.

#2 Extend the Life of Your Appliances

While not necessarily harmful to humans, you cannot say the same for appliances. If you are going to consider using drinking water filter systems in your home, then you may find it more cost effective to use whole home water softeners.

#3 Preserve Your Plumbing

As you’ve learned, hard water is the result of a high concentration of dissolved metals. When circulating through your plumbing, this water is prone to leaving deposits throughout the pipes and fixtures, greatly reducing there lifespan. By using home water softeners, you will save money on future repairs while enjoying better water pressure.

#4 Eco-Friendly

This is a multi-faceted statement and adding drinking water filter systems to your home is just one example. If adding that product encourages you to replace bottled water with tap, you can make a huge reduction in the amount of bottles introduced into landfills every year. Aside from that, your appliances will also benefit. For example, did you know soft water heats faster? This saves power and money.

#5 Improved Drinking Water

As we mentioned earlier, while hard water is not necessarily bad for you, it does often have an odd taste. This can be caused not only by the heavy metals, but also by bacteria living in your water. Overall, improving the taste and cleanliness of your water can be achieved through the use of drinking water filter systems.

Choosing the Correct Drinking Water Filter Systems

Having to purchase drinking water filter systems is a big step in your home’s water quality. People deal with hard water on a day to day basis and that hard water can lead to many problems. It can cause stains, health issues and even bad skin and hair. It can also cause issues with your laundry. Adding water softeners to your home can help protect you from harsh metals and can help make your drinking water safer to drink.

How They Work

Water softeners work by reverse osmosis and help to pull anything bad like heavy metals or even arsenic out of your water. When you purchase a drinking water filter systems, a technician will install it in your home. The water will be fed into the tank that will filter particles out of your water while softening it. Many water softeners use salt and this has become somewhat of an issue for some consumers. Salt based drinking water filter systems can lead to a few problems. The first problem is that the salt is in your drinking water and can cause your blood pressure to be somewhat elevated. The second problem is that salt water softeners have high costs in the long run as the salt must be replaced and the salt can cause corrosion on the equipment. The third and last issue with salt is the fact that salt is not environmentally friendly. Some systems produce over 500 pounds of salt that has to be disposed of each year. So please take this into consideration when you are going to purchase your soft water system.

Purchasing your Soft Water System

You have two options when wanting to get water softeners. You can purchase the system and install it yourself or you can hire a company to come out and install it for you. Most people choose to hire a company to do the installation process as it is easier, less of a hassle and the this is less room for error with a professionally trained technician. The drinking water filter systems can be complicated to install and will need yearly maintenance so it is always best to go with a respected company. To find a company in your local area in Arizona you can search online and contact your local Chamber of Commerce.

Treating your hard water with water softeners may help reduce heavy metal consumption as well as help you to make sure that everything that uses water in your home is in great shape with no stains or scale build up.

Hard Water Problems? Get a Water Softener Today

Many people deal with hard water problems and may not even realize it. If you have stains in your bathtub and sink, and have had issues with your shower head being dirty or your water tasting a bit funny you may have a hard water problem. Fortunately there are ways to make sure that your water is softer, causes less of a problem and reduce health risks. Using water softeners can help you to make sure that your water is safe to use and safe to drink.

Risks of Hard Water

Hard water can cause damage to your pipes and make your water areas look bad but in addition to that they can also fill your body with heavy metals and even the potential for consuming arsenic. Arsenic can be found in hard water in small traces and while it is nothing to panic over consuming even the least little bit should be taken very seriously. A drinking water filter systems can help to remove arsenic and remove heavy metals from your water making it safer for you and your family to consume and safer to use in general.

Purchasing A Water Softener

When you look for water softeners you will need to consider several different things. First you will want to consider whether or not you want one that uses salt or if you want one that is strictly no salt. The no salt drinking water filter systems are both better for you and better for the environment. You will also want to take into consideration what you want to spend on one. Once you sort that out you can begin looking for a company that sells water softeners. Make sure that you check out several different companies before you settle on a company to use for your system.

Adding a water softener system to your home can help rid you of heavy metals and even arsenic that may be in your water source. Check into getting a drinking water filter systems for your home today.

Using No Salt Soft Water Tanks

Using water softeners are usually a must if you have hard water. Hard water can lead to many problems including spots and green build up on your sinks and bathtubs and can cause problems with your skin and hair. Even drinking water can be affected by hard water so you will want to make sure that you find a great drinking water filter systems that will help to ensure that your water is drinkable. Your best option is to find a no salt soft water tank that will give you softer water while not having to use any salt.

Why Avoid Salt?

When you have water softener systems you will find that many of them use salt in the process of making the water less hard. This process can cause several different problems. With drinking water filter systems you are drinking the water after it comes out of the system. If the system uses salt that salt will be in your water and you will be consuming the salt. For people with hypertension and other health problems this can be a health concern. Salt also has a very negative effect on the environment and is not known as a green solution. A single water filter system can produce over 500 pounds of salt to dispose of a year, filling the environment with more refuse than it needs. The final reason that you should switch to no salt water softeners is that they are less costly over the years.

Purchasing a No Salt Soft Water Tanks

There are many companies out there that will sell you a no salt soft water tank that will allow you to have soft water and not have to worry about the salt content. Your water will be softer which helps to remove heavy metals and many other things that you might not want to be consuming. Be sure to shop around for pricing and read reviews for potential drinking water systems before putting them in your house.

Make sure that you consider purchasing a no salt soft water tank today if you have hard water. This water softener will take away your hard water problem and save water, which will lower your monthly water bill.

How To Properly Maintain Hot Water Heaters For Maximum Life Expectancy

Hard water damages everything it touches, including your hot water heater. Water purification water treatment that includes water softening equipment will protect the inside tank from the corrosive sediment that eats away at hot water heaters. Settling of the sediment on the bottom of the tank as well as the build-up and scaling on the heating unit itself can cause it to overheat and stop functioning altogether.

Two essential water treatment techniques to maintain the optimum functionality of hot water heaters:

  • Eliminate hard water at the water’s point-of-entry into the house. It is important that your hard water treatment effectively dissolves minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese which are what make the water hard. These minerals produce corrosive sediment that can wreck havoc on the functionality of water heaters. Scaling seriously affects the day-to-day performance of your water heater. Eliminate hard water with a whole home water treatment system that includes a water softener.
  • Drain hot water heaters annually. Start by turning off all power. Attach a hose to the drain valve at the bottom of the tank. You will drain out old stagnant sediment as well as water. By releasing the air valve at the top of the water heater the water will drain quicker. If the water tank is not cleaned regularly, the corrosive hard minerals will start eating away at the inside of the tank leading to permanent damage and leaking at the bottom of the tank.

Heavy minerals naturally sink to the bottom of the tank of traditional water heaters. Sediment can build up so thick that it encloses the entire heating element. This causes water heaters to use more energy to operate and sometimes even become non-functional.

By treating hard water and regularly draining and cleaning the unit, the life expectancy of hot water heaters increase exponentially. A home water treatment system designed to soften the household water will break down the corrosive hard minerals making it easier for the hot water heater to function properly.

Hard Water Makes Your Skin Dry And Dyes Clothes Gray

Hard water is such a common household water problem that chances are high that water softeners should be included in your household water treatment expenses. Tell-tale signs of hard water include clothes with a gray tint, worn-out fabric, spots on glasses, shower doors that now permanently look dirty, hot water heaters making unusual noises, brittle hair and itchy, irritated skin.

Water softeners are most effective when utilized as point-of-entry water treatment. Then all water being transported throughout your house is softened before you use it to clean your dishes, your clothes, or yourself.

Hard water has a high concentration of dissolved minerals. The most common and destructive are calcium and magnesium. With excess calcium in the water, there will be hard water deposits on anything that the water touches. Near the opening on a humidifier, dry gritty residue is a symptom of hard water. It can be damaging to clothes and appliances when hard water is not softened with your water treatment solutions.

Water softeners break down the molecules of the hard water so that soap works with the water and creates the reaction that will get your clothes, dishes, and body the cleanest. If your home is not using systemic water softeners as part of the household water treatment system, your detergents are not working effectively and your clothes come out of the washing machine looking dull and gray.

Here is a quick test to see if you have hard water. In a closeable container add soap to water and shake it up. Is it now a cloudy gray liquid with limited suds? That’s a sign of hard water. With hard water you have to use more soap and therefore more water. If you live in an area with high water costs, then the longer you go without a home water treatment system the more ineffective your soaps will be and therefore the more water you will have to use. There are simple and effective water softeners available.

How To Get Better Looking Clothes With Water Softeners

How are water softeners and shopping connected? If you live in the Arizona area like me, it’s possible that your clothing fabrics are impacted by our water supply. Although fabrics seem to be the biggest victims of hard water, there are many other things that get affected by it. The average household with hard water ends up spending exorbitant sums of money each year on plumbing repairs, detergents and personal soaps.

Water Softeners Can Make You Stylish Again!

Next time you head to your favorite clothing store, don’t worry about choosing that designer shirt or dress because your water conditioner can produce the highest quality soft water to wash them! Installing a water softener has dramatic effects on household appliances and your washing machine is going to benefit the most. Hard mineral deposits in the washing machine can ruin it in a few years and you could end up buying new machines every 3-5 years.

At the end of the day, your new washing machine or gentle detergent is not good enough to keep your clothes looking new. In worst case scenarios, using hard water to wash your clothes and other fabrics can cause the items to spots, stain or dull – no one wants their favorite red sweater fading to pink.

It’s sad to say, but many people judge a book by its cover and when you’re meeting people for the first time in a personal or professional setting, they evaluate everything from your styling to the quality of your clothing. If you have dull, stained clothes it will affect how others perceive you. These issues are easily resolvable with caring for your clothes with a water softener. Water conditioners remove the hard minerals from your water and make hard water soft. Soft water is easy on your clothes, household appliances and the environment; you can cut down on your energy bills too!