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Mining in the Arizona Area

gold miningGold mining has a rich history in the United States. Gold prices tend to hold their value during even the roughest economic times. There are many well-known mining areas in Colorado and California. However, there are many rich sources of gold in the United States that have not been fully explored. Today, many gold-prospecting efforts have been focused in areas like Arizona. Prospectors have found that establishing an Arizona gold mine is a great investment of their time and energy.

High metal prices are driving many people to consider gold mining. One of the first steps in establishing an Arizona gold mine is understanding where to find gold. Many experts believe there is a still a great deal of gold in the La Paz County and the Bradshaw Mountain Range areas. Over the years, the gold has shifted closer to the surface which makes it possible to establish a productive Arizona gold mine in the area. There is an increasing amount of activity in these regions due to recent discoveries of gold.

You cannot establish an Arizona gold mine until you own a claim. Claims have been around since the beginning of the United States gold mining industry. Claiming used was an informal process in the days of the Gold Rush, but the Mining Act of 1872 implemented a formal process for establishing claims. There are many companies that resell claims which can make setting up an Arizona gold mine much simpler. The claim reseller can help you with the paperwork involved in the claims process.

It’s important to work with a reputable company if you are buying a claim. You should ensure that the presence of gold on the land has been confirmed. Some companies will do the prospecting for you. Many people who want to establish and Arizona gold mine will do some prospecting on the land before buying a claim. This will give you confidence that you are buying a promising claim. If the claim company refuses to allow you to prospect on the land, you should not work with them to establish an Arizona gold mine. There are some disreputable companies out there that try to sell barren claims to unsuspecting customers.

Gold Mining Claims: Dummies Edition

gold miningSure, gold mining looks exciting, rewarding, and challenging. But let’s face it, you don’t have the first clue about where to find gold, or how to find a gold mining claim. Well, rest easy. Where there’s a will, there’s a claim…as long as you know where to look!

First thing’s first; you need to know the basics. Any United States citizen can procure a gold mining claim, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), or equivalent Federal land agency, can help you locate lands available for development of a claim.

You also need to figure out which type of claim you are looking for. Lode claims/sites are those built on known or tested mineral deposits still in their original position in the bedrock. You’ve heard the term, “the mother lode”? This is where it comes from. A placer claim/site is categorized as any deposit, other than a lode, where gold in mixed in with sand and/or gravel. A tunnel site is a plot of land where a tunnel has been dug in order to find or develop a vein or lode (NOTE: These are not actually considered “mining claims,” but more a right-a-way to finding a claim). And finally, a mill site is non-mineral land, usually adjacent to a lode or placer site, where a mill can be built (as part of the lode or placer site). If all else fails and you’re not sure if you want to stake a claim in the area, you can file for a prospecting site. This will expire in two years, and cannot be renewed, but it will give you time to consider, explore, and test the area.

Once you find the right claim, you need to record the claim to make sure A) that you have an actual claim, and B) that the claim is yours to mine. Contact the BLM, and also the County Recording Office, within 90 days of locating your site. They will make sure you file the proper forms (and pay the necessary fees). You will also need to make sure you maintain your claim every year (basically that means more fees). (NOTE: A shortcut to this may be to contract with a claim staking service, but you will still need to pay close attention to all the paperwork and fees. Be sure to read the fine print).

Finding a gold mining claim is a lot of work, and even more paperwork, but at the end of the day, you will feel secure knowing this is your land, and the gold that may be under it is yours, too! And if that doesn’t work, you’ll have all the legal papers to back it up!

Diving into Gold Mining

gold miningIf you are interested in gold mining there are several things that you will have to do. You will need to make sure that you learn how to mine for gold and you will need to make sure that you have all the necessary equipment for the job. You will also need to make sure that you have an area where you can mine at.

Where to Gold Mine

If you own your own land in Arizona you will be able to go prospecting there and you may have a chance at finding some of your own gold. However if you do not find some or you do not have an area that is suitable for gold you may want to consider looking elsewhere for where to find gold. One of the most popular ways to find gold and to go gold mining is to purchase gold mining claims. Gold mining claims allow you to purchase claims where you can go onto land to search for gold. Purchasing gold mining claims will allow you to go into some of the great parts of Arizona that will have a great amount of claim land and the bigger chance to find gold.

Gold Claims in Arizona

There are several popular spots in Arizona for gold mining. The Eldorado Gold Mine which is on the border has claims for sale where you can find your own gold. The Yuma Arizona Gold Mine is an area that has many claims available and there are many stories that state that Indians once had a secret mine that was filled full of gold that no one has ever been able to find. No matter where you see the gold mining claims listed make sure that you do some research about the area before you purchase a claim. This will help to ensure that you are looking at the right location and that you will not have any trouble finding some gold.

If you take your time and find the right gold mining claims you should be able to find some gold, making the day profitable and enjoyable. If you want to mine for gold, check out some of the many Arizona gold mining claims available.


Gold Mining Claims for Sale

Why Get A Gold Mining Claim?

gold miningGold mining is still as popular today as it was many years ago. The price of gold lately has skyrocketed. People who are fortunate enough to find gold can make thousands of dollars in just a few short minutes. Mining for gold can also be fun to do with many people enjoying it as their favorite hobby.

Getting Started with Gold Mining

First you will need to make sure that you know what kind of prospecting equipment you will need. Do your research and make sure that you have all the equipment that is necessary for getting the gold. Not making sure that you have all the equipment can lead to you missing out on gold or even losing chunks of gold throughout the mining experience. You will also want to research gold mining and make sure that you become familiar with how to do it. Watching videos and reading books will help you and if you can go to a gold mine and watch someone else mine for gold it will also help you to get more experienced.

Where to Gold Mine?

In most states you can purchase gold mining claims. These claims will allow you to go to certain tracts of land and mine for gold. These tracts can be of compiled of many different acres all of which are suspected of having gold in them. You will need to make sure that you look into the gold mining claims that suit you. Make sure that you choose a location where you would like to search that is close to your home and research prices well. You can search for gold mining claims in Arizona online and you can also talk to local gold miners who might know the location of a few good gold mining locations.

Looking for gold mining claims can be fun but remember to research the area well before you purchase the claim. Taking your time and researching can help to make sure that you have the best chance at finding gold.


Finding Gold in Arizona – Vulture Mining District

Where to Find Gold in Arizona

If you have been a recent gold prospector enthusiast, then your research to date may have led you to the viability of striking it rich in Arizona. This of course creates the main question of just where to find gold in Arizona? To find your answer you would have to start some research into what would be the most likely resources for this commodity.

You will most likely find as you begin to search where to find gold in Arizona, that you will be led to the local government of that State offering you the chance to do some gold panning, at what are deemed as public panning sites. For a day’s excitement this is great, but if you serious about finding a substantial amount of gold then you are looking to go beyond some mere gold mining entertainment.

You will find that there are companies that specialize in where to find gold in Arizona by selling maps of locations that are believed to still hold a substantial quantity. Or perhaps of untouched areas, that based on their location could be a viable source. These are areas around old towns within Arizona or even ghost towns. For example there are the Prescott Arizona gold maps that are sold. These focus on areas around Prescott and Wickenberg.

One of the most intriguing areas that will pop up when it comes to where to find gold in Arizona will be Superstition Mountain. It is believed that there are many areas throughout these mountains that still hold a good quantity of gold for the enthusiastic prospector. It is thought that a lot of original mining operations were shut down because of low production. That may have been the case for a big mining operation, but there may be plenty left there for the single prospector who is out to make a small fortune for himself and his family. With Arizona being such a hot spot for gold in the past it makes finding the answers as to where to find gold in Arizona a worthwhile endeavor for the prospector who has determination and enthusiasm.