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The Difference Between Window Bars and Rolling Shutters

Window protection is an important consideration for every home and business. Many property invasions take place when an intruder finds a window that is unlocked or is easy to open. Traditionally, many people have used window bars to protect against invasion, especially on ground floor windows. However, rolling shutters are becoming more popular due to their appearance and versatility.

window securityOne of the concerns most property owners have with window bars is the appearance. They can have a negative effect on property values. When people see window bars, they automatically assume that the area has a crime problem. Neighbors might object to the bars because they are unattractive. While window bars can provide some basic security, they also present some dangers. They are difficult to remove and can become a hazard in the case of a fire. If they aren’t easy to remove, people can become trapped inside.

Rolling security shutters have several advantages over window bars. First, you can use them as needed to let in natural light or roll them down to repel potential intruders. Rolling shutters provide you with window protection against weather issues like hurricanes, heavy rains and hail. The shutters can also provide window protection against heat and cold. The shutters also minimize outdoor noise. Bars don’t provide this type of window protection.

Rolling shutters are appropriate for both residential and commercial properties. They come in a variety of colors which can complement the style of the house or building unlike window bars. The shutters can provide a professional look for a business and add a decorative touch to homes. The shutters can retract into a variety of types of housings. The housings are available in styles including curved, beveled or square housings. Homeowners can select the shape that best complements their home style.

Rolling shutters are simple to use. They can be rolled manually with a strap or pole crank. Push-up and push-down models are also available. Electric controls are available for all sizes and styles of window shutters. This makes opening and shutting the window protection easier. Customers can evaluate all the styles and types of rolling shutters to find the window protection system that works for them.