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How Safe Are Glass Block Windows

If you’re concerned about your windows in the basement, glass block windows may give you the security you’re looking for. Plus, glass block windows let in the light from the outside while keeping the basement more secure. Also glass blocks don’t fracture easily and kids’ balls will most likely just bounce right off. Additionally, your glass window is joined with mortar and installed in the foundation wall so it will actually be nearly as strong as the foundation.

glass-blockToo, glass blocks come in clear, textured and opaque finishes which will let in the outside light while still giving you privacy. Plus; glass blocks never need painting; don’t warp, split or rot. They are almost entirely maintenance free. Whatever you need in an open window space, there’s a glass block that will fit into it.

Another point in favor of glass blocks is that they are energy efficient and have great curb appeal. So they have an aesthetic appeal which regular windows so low to the ground don’t offer. So, while allowing light into your basement; plus privacy as stated, they also add a security layer for your ground floor and basement. This is because these windows are difficult to remove for a burglar to gain entrance into your home.

Now these windows can be used for waterproofing in a flood prone area to prevent water from coming through the basement windows and flooding your basement too. Other uses for glass blocks are for making shower doors which are better than usual shower doors because they can be made in the right thickness for this purpose. These are doors are then safer, and people can’t fall through them. They can also be used as partitions in homes for extra light and in wet bars. They even come with customized etchings. Technology has picked up on this glass trend, these days the best automatic shower cleaner systems will clean and dry the panes of glass spotless after each use, which means no mildew of soap residues.

One thing to keep in mind though, having your glass block windows professionally installed by a reputable contractor is the best route. A sloppy install is especially bad because you are putting the windows into the foundation. Most companies will pre-fabricate the glass blocks to fit the spaces in your home too where needed. Also, you can get blocks that have vents small enough for air, but burglar safe.
Glass block windows are one of the best bets to have installed for both security purposes and for the curb side enhancement.

Security Protection and Windows

criminalMany people worry about home safety because of home invasion. There are some things which can be done to and around your windows to deter unlawful entry though to help prevent home invasion. Here, one of the first things to think about is what do you have covering your windows? This is because when a thief can see through your windows, it is an enticement for breaking in to steal the items seen. So the first defense is to have 2 sets of drapes. That way what a person can see from the outside can be controlled. Now sheerer curtains will let the light in during the day and then a heavier drape can be used to pull across at night so nothing can be seen on the inside.

Also, keep all your bushes and shrubs trimmed to below the level of the windows. This way the thief can’t hide in the shrubs while cutting his way through any windows. Planting a few rose bushes or other thorny bushes can also be an another deterrent. Adding a second lock on your windows or installing a device which only allows the window to be opened a few inches is another option. Remember additionally that just because the windows are on the second or third floor, a thief may still target them.

This is because people are careless about locking upstairs and balcony windows, thinking that they are safe from being targeted. However; the thief knows that people think this, and it’s just an open invitation.

Now some issues that may make a house a target are not only windows which are left opened or unlocked, but cracks in the glass. So window strength is important. Therefore; if the windows have metal frames and the frames are corroded, their strength is deteriorated. Another red flag is if the window frames around wooden windows are broken, rotted or cracked. So the first thing to do is to replace any broken or cracked glass, repair any window frames which have fallen into disrepair. Another thought is to have stronger tempered glass installed into any windows which are vulnerable targets for thieves.

The best choice for window protection are rolling security shutters; they come in a variety of colors to match your homes exterior while keeping burglars from looking into your home.

Protection for the home isn’t just about the locks on the front doors, but how secure the windows are too.

Home Invasion Prevention

Home invasion is one of the most prevalent safety threats for home owners. No one wants their personal property to be taken. After all, most people have valuable possessions like televisions, computers, art and jewelry. Some of these items have sentimental value. They can be physically replaced but the actual value of the item is incalculable.

There are security concerns in addition to property value. Home invasions can quickly escalate into violent situations if a thief happens upon someone in the house. Most criminals stake out houses to avoid running into people in the house. They hope to get in and out of the house quickly without encountering anyone. However, sometimes, they unexpectedly run into someone and things can become violent quickly. That’s why it’s so important to put security measures in place to protect your family and your home.

You’ve probably thought to protect your entryways with solid doors and good locks but what about your windows? These are an easy target for thieves. They don’t even have to break windows to access your home, although they will if they think they can get away with it. Thieves can often pry windows away from the frame quietly so that neighbors don’t hear a disturbance and gain entry to the house.

You don’t have to resort to bars on the windows to provide security for your home. You can increase window protection by purchasing rolling security shutters which are an attractive way to protect your windows. You may be unfamiliar with these shutters although you’ve probably seen them without realizing it. The shutters blend seamlessly with the architecture of the home. The shutters are available in a wide variety of colors and roll into an attractive housing and aren’t visible when they are rolled up.

When the shutters are closed and locked, they are impenetrable to home invaders. You can shut and lock them through manual or battery-operated systems. The security shutters are available for very large windows so you can feel secure in a variety of home designs. There is nothing as reassuring as knowing that your home is protected against invaders. You’ll also have the advantage of an attractive addition to your home that blends in with the exterior architecture to provide an attractive look.

Keeping Your Elderly Parents Safe

When you live separately from your parents, you may begin to worry about their security as they age. They may resist your efforts to interfere as they value their independence. Many older people want to stay in their homes, even if the area isn’t as safe as it used to be. They aren’t interested in moving into retirement or assisted living communities. However, if you can present them with options for making their homes safer without interfering with their independence, your parents may be receptive to your ideas.

senior-securitySadly, senior citizens are often the targets of break-ins, especially when they live alone. If thieves suspect the individuals have a lot of cash, valuables or drugs on the premises, they may target the homes. Criminals often view the elderly as more vulnerable than other potential victims because they have set routines, limited outside contact and are easily intimidated.

You should encourage your parents to invest in good doors with secure bolts. This includes all the doors in the home. They may have already done this because it’s a well-known way to protect the home. Your parents may not be in the habit of locking doors, but encourage them to start. Unfortunately, the door is not the only way a home is vulnerable. Windows are a common entry point for criminals. They can pull doors away from frames easily and gain entry to the home.

How can you make windows more secure? Locks alone won’t help because the frame is still vulnerable. Consider investing in rolling security shutters. These shutters are on the outside of the window and roll down and lock in place. They are impenetrable when locked. Battery-operated shutters are available to make them easy for your parents to operate. Security shutters come in an attractive array of colors and fit in with the architectural design of any home. They are pleasing way to protect the home while increasing its security.

When it comes to home security beyond windows and doors, help educate your family about local scams that target senior citizens. There are local watchdog groups that will alert you to local crime activity patterns. These groups also provide educational programs to help senior citizens protect themselves physically and online.

Investing in Your Home’s Security

You buy your home not just as a place to live but as a long term investment. You want to protect your investment and home over years. That’s why it’s important to spend some time and money finding a good security system. It’s critical to protect your home and belongings by preventing home invasions. If you live in an area that is prone to severe weather such as hurricanes or other strong storms, you will need to find a way to protect them.

Many home invasions happen through windows because they are so easily breached. Thieves can pull windows from their frames or break the windows to get inside the home. To ensure good home security, it’s important to secure your windows. You should consider investing in rolling security shutters. They are a great way to secure your home in an attractive manner.

Rolling shutters blend in seamlessly with the outside of your home. They roll up in to decorative boxes on the outside of your home. You can choose from a variety of colors that blend in attractively with the exterior décor of the house. The shades roll down and securely lock into place to create an impenetrable barrier. Thieves can’t enter through your windows and you don’t have to install unattractive bars to keep the windows safe. The shutters also protect your windows against strong winds, hail and rain.

Rolling security shutters have additional benefits that make them a good investment in addition to providing safety. First, when the shutters are closed, they can help protect the interior of your home from extreme heat and cold. Next, the shutters can block noises from outside. They provide you with privacy and help you control the light in your home. The shutters are simple to operate. You can use manual-style handles or choose automatic controls to raise and lower your shutters.

Homes with good security are features attractive to buyers. They are also interested in homes that are well protected against severe weather situations. You will enjoy these features when you live in your home. Security investments will also increase your property value and make your home more marketable when you decide to sell it.


The Advantages of Security Storm Doors and Locks

It’s easy to fall into complacency when it comes to keeping your property secure, especially if there has not been criminal activity near your home or business lately. However, crime can happen anywhere and often when you least expect it. You can end up with huge personal property losses, lost inventory, vandalism and other types of losses. The effects can be devastating both financially and personally. The best way to protect yourself is to create a security plan ahead of time.

When you are trying to create a better property safety plan, you need to consider the most vulnerable parts of the building. Most thieves enter a building through the doors or windows because these are the easiest points of access. Standard doors and windows aren’t constructed to withstand thieves who know what they are doing. Without a well-constructed security door and lock, your building could be a target.

security-doorMany people picture security storm doors and windows as the barred up doors you often see areas that deal with a lot of crime. These doors and windows have windows have bars or metal screens and give the wrong impression to visitors. However, you have a much wider range of choices than you’d expect.  You can significantly increase the appearance and security of your home or business with better locks and doors.

You would be surprised at the various options that are available when it comes to security storm doors. You can select doors that are available in a short time frame. You can also choose doors made with screens, full view glass, powder finishes and a wide variety of styles. These doors are stylish and do not remind people of the steel bars that guard homes and businesses to high crime areas.

Specialty security locks don’t have to be unattractive or clash with stylish doors. You can purchase stylish security locks with custom finishes that that will complement the style and design of your security storm doors. You can purchase locks that have a universal lock prep that will match your existing hardware. You’ll feel safer knowing that your new door and lock will make your home or business significantly safer.