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Durable Materials for the Family Bathroom

When contemplating redoing the family bathroom, there are a few things to consider when making choices for the materials. First of all, a family bathroom’s countertops and cabinets may be splattered with toothpaste specks, hairspray and makeup by bathroom occupants. Also, when the kids are sick, the thing you do with the cough medicine; in its bright shiny kid colors, is pour it into the spoon over the sink. It may make it into the sink; or not, when your child jars your hand while trying to avoid taking it. That means you will be cleaning so you want durable material used in bathroom cabinets and counters.

family-bathNow a bathroom vanity and cabinets made from solid wood is one of the best materials if it’s within your price range. Solid oak is the strongest material; followed by birch, maple, oak and poplar. These materials will support the weight of countertops and won’t warp, sag or droop over time from the countertop or sink basin.

However, if you’re on a budget, then solid plywood is another option. This material is the middle road between price and quality. Plywood is made when at least two thin layers of wood are laminated to each other. The grain lies at right angles in plies that alternate. When the direction of the grain is varied, it makes the plywood equally strong in all directions. True, it isn’t as strongly made as the solid woods, but it will last a long time if the moisture in your bathroom is under control.

Also wood veneer cabinets can be used in the family bathroom and are less expensive than solid wood cabinets. Veneer is made by gluing a thin layer of wood to a board of a medium density such as plywood or particle board. Veneer stands up nicely to rooms that have a moisture fluctuation, such as bathrooms. You can have veneer stained just like wood too; however, if you’re only having the front of the cabinet veneered, make sure the rest of the cabinet is made from wood that is similar; or it will take the stain differently.

Redoing the family bathroom may involve a lot of choices; just make sure that durability is at the top of the list.