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Types of Cabinet Which Can Be Refinished

Your kitchen cabinets simply put are the main part of the kitchen. Their look can set the mood and style of your kitchen. So, if you have to replace them, refinish or refurbish them; it’s something that you don’t want to have to do again soon. It’s a difficult job too so only a professional remodeler should take on a project like this.

Cabinets are one of the largest investments when remodeling. They are also the biggest budget item as well. You should frankly love them after they are installed. You’ll be staring at them for a long time unless you have money to burn.

But what if the cabinets you have are on the beat-up side, but you really like them. Can they be refinished? Well, you should look closely at them. If the cabinets are metal and rusty, or falling apart; you can’t refurbish them. If they aren’t built sturdily or are off kilter, they aren’t a prime candidate either for using in your upgrade.

Also, cabinets which are laminate, melamine or metal are all hard to paint. A special paint needs to be used on kitchen cabinets too. If it’s not used, then they can chip and peel. Another determination to see if the cabinets are worth the time invested in refinishing them is to check the joinery. The joinery needs to be in good condition and reliable. So look for excessive wear and imperfections.

Now for wood cabinets, find a piece of wood which hasn’t been painted over to see what kind of wood the cabinets are made from and inspect the rest of the cabinets to see how sound the wood is. Not all wood is pretty once it’s given a look over or when the paint or varnish is off. If there is no bare wood, you might want to strip an unnoticed area then just to see what’s underneath.

If all seems right after inspection, be honest about what kind of repairs would be necessary. You don’t want a refinishing and refurbishing dream to turn into a nightmare.

Importantly, be true to yourself using common sense to guide you. You’ll be living with the cabinets for some time to come.

Selecting the Right Materials for Your Home Office

6732904 - living room in luxury home with large fireplaceYou have decided to remodel a room in your home into a home office. Trying to decide exactly the right look can be overwhelming though. Where to start? Well, the first step is to decide whether you want light or dark wood. If you go with dark wood walls and flooring, then you may feel as if you’re peering out of a cave. Still, if you go with a light wood and bright colors that are overdone, you may feel as if you should be pouring tea on a settee. Also, do you want hardwood floors or laminated floors? To help you will all of this, below are some suggestions:

To start, if you prefer a floor made of dark wood, then painting the walls a lighter color and adding some extra custom lighting fixtures will get rid of the cave feel. You can add custom built wall units and cabinets for storage in a lighter wood to offset the dark floor. Too, using curtains and the right windows which allow more light into your office which will brighten things up.

If the room you’re converting into your office is small though you may want to consider a light wood floor. A lighter floor makes a room seem larger. Since wood, whether light or dark, will go with about any furniture, you can mix and match your furniture and wall units. The only time you may have a problem; however, is if your office furniture is going to be mahogany or red toned. These would go better with a floor that’s brown toned.

Now the other consideration is whether you would want hardwood floors or laminated flooring. There’s a considerable cost difference between the two so keep that in mind. Well, below are the pros and cons with both:

  • Hardwood: Hardwood is made from trees and is higher priced both to buy and to install. It does add to your home’s value though. If it gets scratched or nicked, it can be sanded and refinished to make it look as good as new; so it lasts.
  • Laminate: It’s cheaper to buy and install because it’s made from composite wood. It’s also resistant to scratches, moisture; and wear and tear. It’s easier to clean though the lower quality is more artificial looking. It also doesn’t repair easily if you don’t have extra tiling.

A lot of advice packed into very few words.

Which Office Design Works for You

Choosing an office design style which works for you is a matter of personal choice. Now if you like less in the way of what is in the office, this is now in style; with sleek modern cabinets, so the contemporary look may be desirable. This style goes with neutral colors, black and white; with accents of bold colors. In addition, the use of lines and space is one of the most distinctive elements in contemporary style. So what you don’t hang on your walls is as important as what you do.

55965693 - modern office interiorThe furniture you choose should also be simple and uncluttered. So a custom made desk may be right then, without any fancy details or decoration, just clean lined and functional. Now for your floor, you may want to choose wood, vinyl or tile; keeping it bare and smooth. For both texture and color, you can add area rugs to give it some interest.

On the other hand, if you go with traditional style, you’ll have a blend between modern equipment and more intricate cabinets and wall units. The furniture for this type of office usually has a mahogany tone and a more welcoming style. Additionally, natural colors such as creams and beiges can be combined with a wood grained finished furniture. To add a pop of color navy blue, dark green and burgundy can be used too. An ornate rug then can be used to add a warmer touch to the room.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing colors for your office though is that the brighter the colors used, regardless what style you choose, the less seriously your office will be taken. You have to remember to choose colors for your office that match with the age of your clients then, the business you are in and if your clients are male or female.

In the end, your office is an extension of yourself and how you present yourself to your clients. Therefore; a style which works for you is the first step to promoting your business and you.

Why Spend the Money on Custom Made Dining Room Furniture

Making the decision to take your hard earned money and spend it on a custom made dining room suite can be a difficult one. However; if you take a look at the facts, it may not be as difficult as you think.

dining-tableFor example, when you buy a piece of custom made furniture, you’re not just buying furniture, but the experience behind the furniture. So the furniture is made to your specifications and to fit your home. The furniture maker is making you his or her number one priority too, and your special piece or pieces of furniture is the main concern of the craftsman. The craftsman is interacting with you and gaining an understanding of what you want when creating. You’re not just the third number at the third store, in a line buying what’s on the sales floor; but a person with unique desires for something special.

Now a company that mass produces furniture may take pride in the quality of their product. But craftsmen especially take pride in their work realizing that their products have that specific human touch; this is what makes each piece of furniture unique. This is because no furniture manufacturer can really specify completely to you. But the craftsman will take what you say and create a dining room suite that will fit your home and complete your dining room. Then the furniture will be what your thoughts of what a dining room suite should look like for your needs and wants.

Your handcrafted pieces could become heirlooms also to be handed down to family throughout the generations. In addition, it’s your choice of wood that is used, your choice of design, your style and what you and the craftsman have created together. Your dining room suite will have a special story behind it then to talk about for generations to come as people who stop by admire perhaps a great-granddaughter’s furniture.

Think about it too, your handcrafted china closet could then also hold the china that you inherited from your great-grandmother. The curio closet could display your collection of tea cups that you’ve searched antique stores for too. Also your treasures can then be displayed by the best workmanship there is; hand crafted.

Handcrafted furniture may be more expensive, but it may just be something to consider owning.

What Causes Wood and Laminate Cabinets to Bubble

If you are noticing bubbles in your wood or laminated kitchen cabinets, you have a problem. When these materials age, they are affected by changes in the temperature, humidity and act up if they’ve been damaged. These changes can cause the laminate to pull away from the wood base that it’s been glued to. The thing to keep in mind is that because veneer is actually pretty brittle and delicate, this can turn into a serious problem pretty quickly. So when the veneer is loose from the base, it can start to chip and split and your cabinets quickly becomes shoddy looking. These changes can also cause blistering, which are little bubbles underneath the surface of the laminate. These bubbles need to be fixed pretty quickly too before they begin to worsen. So how can you fix blistered or peeling cabinets? Below are some instructions you may find useful:

  • First get a razor blade and then along the length of the bubble cut a slit.
  • Take a toothpick and yellow carpenter’s glue and apply a bead to the toothpick. On the underside of the veneer where the bubble was pulling away from the underlying wood, spread the carpenter’s glue.
  • Next, gently and lightly press the veneer against the wood where the glue is applied. If any glue seeps up through the slit wipe it away with a cloth. Also put a piece of wax paper over the veneer on the area that you repaired.
  • To keep veneer tightly pressed against the wood until the wood dries, place something heavy against the spot. If the bubble is on the edge or close to the edge of the cabinet, get a clamp and a flat piece of wood. Place the piece of wood on the wax paper and then clamp it down firmly in place. This will also work if you can’t place something heavy directly on the patch. Let the patch dry overnight.
  • Next morning, remove the wood and wax paper from the patch and sand the area with fine grit sandpaper, lightly. Then apply either wood oil or varnish on the surface with a clean rag, let the first coat dry and then apply the second coat.

Repairing bubbles in your cabinets isn’t difficult; it just takes time and patience.

Should You Select Laminate or Wood Cabinets?

Kitchen renovations are big projects and involve many different choices. One of the biggest choices during a kitchen renovation is the cabinetry. Wood and laminate are the most popular options and people spend a lot of time debating between the two choices.

rustic-kitchen-renovationOne of the first considerations is appearance. Wood is often the first choice in a kitchen renovation because of its superior performance. Both wood and laminate can have attractive appearances but people who want high-end kitchen renovations generally choose wood. In many cases, they choose wood because it allows them to create a unique look in their kitchens. Most laminate cabinets have a very limited number of options. They tend to look similar. Craftmanship is typically not a factor.

When customers work with an experienced wood crafter during their kitchen renovation, they have a wide range of options. They can choose from a variety of woods and finishes. They can also choose details that will make their kitchens unique. Wood workers can add details that make your cabinets stand out. Also, there are many laminate finishes that can mock the appearance of wood, but if you look closely, you can see the difference. Wood cabinets create an atmosphere that is difficult to imitate with laminate.

Another cabinet consideration during a kitchen renovation is longevity. There is no question that wood cabinets last much longer than laminate cabinets. Laminate does not easily scratch or dent but the corners and edges will start to lift and separate over the long term. Since laminate cabinets are made of wood byproducts and resin, they are glued together. The glue is applied under heat and hydraulic pressure so it is designed to last over the long term. However, it will not last forever. Down the road, you’ll find that the glue can loosen. It is very difficult to repair this sort of problem.

If you are considering selling the house, this sort of problem can affect the resale value. Wood cabinets can have some problems, they can be affected by high humidity which isn’t usually an issue in dry climates like Arizona. Wood cabinets can be easily repaired unlike laminate and they can be sanded.

Popular Cabinet Finishes

Since cabinets are such an important part of your kitchen, you should consider every detail carefully. Size, shape and functionality are all critical parts of your remodeling project and they should be carefully evaluated.

Faux finishes are a popular option in kitchen because they help add detail to the wood. They can also add dimension and texture. They are an affordable option and you have a wide range of choices including stenciling, sponging and color washing. These techniques can help you create one-of-a-kind kitchen cabinets in your home. Color washing leaves wood with a soft, aged appearance. Sponging layers the colors on your wood. You’ll select multiple colors to create an eye-catching effect. You’ll want to consult with your custom kitchen designers to ensure that you are using colors that work together and enhance the appearance of the wood.

July 21, 2004 011Some people like their kitchen cabinets to have a distressed appearance. This works particularly well in older-styled homes. This is easy for a kitchen cabinet designer to create by putting on a base coat and then a topcoat in a different color. In addition to cabinets, many homeowners have their tables, chairs and barstools distressed to complete the effect.

The antique look is extremely popular. You don’t need to buy old cabinets to achieve this look. Instead, it can be created by a simple process. Oil, such as tung or linseed, is applied to the surface after it has been thoroughly sanded. The oil is actually rubbed on with sandpaper instead of a cloth. After application, the oil hardens inside the wood. One of the greatest benefits of antiquing is that the finish can be refreshed to restore the original effect.

People often spend years trying to find cabinets with a crackled paint effect which is a charming look for wood. It’s easy to add a crackle paint finish to wood when you combine flat latex paint and a special medium. The crackling medium will shrink and crack the top layer of paint and reveal the color underneath. You’ll see the effect immediately and will have an unusual finish for your cabinets that you can enjoy for years to come.