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Benefits to Adding a Half Bath Downstairs

Adding a half bath to the downstairs part of a home is one of the most common bathroom renovation projects. That’s because this type of bathroom renovation provides the homeowner with many advantages. It’s also a good investment because it is an appealing feature to future prospective home buyers.

A half bath can help you preserve the privacy of your home. If you don’t have one, visitors will have to go upstairs to the master bath or family bathroom. A half bath allows you to keep guests out of other areas of your home. This can be a great advantage if you don’t want visitors to see dirty laundry or other private items.

Half baths can be created in a variety of ways. Sometimes, old storage closets can be converted into a bathroom. The bathroom can be fitted in under staircases or even incorporated into part of the garage. In other cases, part of a room such as the living room or kitchen is sectioned off for the bathroom renovation.

custom vanityWhen you’re planning your bathroom renovation, keep in mind that a half bath does not need to be large. If it’s too small, it will be difficult to use, but if the room is around four feet by eight feet, it will give users plenty of room. If the room is small, you can add a minimum number of fixtures.

No matter what the size of the room, you will still need storage space for toiletries, toilet paper, extra soap and towels. Instead of placing these items awkwardly in baskets, consider using custom cabinetry to increase the storage space in your bathroom renovation. The advantage of custom cabinets is that they can be created to perfectly fit the shape of the available space. They’ll blend naturally into the room.

During bathroom renovations, you can place cabinets around the sink or near the toilet area to create storage even in the smallest rooms. When you select custom cabinetry, you will have a wide variety of choices for your cabinet. You can select the type and color of wood. You can request custom woodworking features that will make your half bath functional and unique.

Why China Cabinets are not Just for Grandmothers

When you think of china cabinets, you may dismiss them as the sort of furniture that is out of date. They may be perfect for grandmothers who grew up with them, but they don’t have a place in modern homes. Actually, many modern decorators find that china cabinets can enhance a home in a variety of ways and add a touch of elegance. China cabinets are a great way for collectors to show off interesting pieces. Many people treasure china sets that belonged to their ancestors and the cabinet can attractively show off those items. China cabinets can also protect fragile items which are especially important if small children are around.

China cabinets can enhance your home in a variety of ways. First, they can showcase china, figurines, glassware or other collectibles that you want to highlight. The cabinets can be constructed with mirrored backgrounds that make small rooms appear brighter. The mirroring may also show off the items in the cabinet more effectively than a plain background.

custom china cabinetYou can purchase custom cabinets that are designed to fit into your unique environment. Custom woodworkers can create a cabinet that incorporates your personal style. They can design a cabinet that fits into your home no matter what the size or shape of the room. Some cabinets can be built into corners to maximize the space in the room. You can request a china cabinet with many special features such as lighting and adjustable shelves or drawers. You can also select the door type which may vary depending on your storage needs.

Another advantage of custom china cabinets is the woodworking detail. Pre-fabricated cabinets tend to have a generic look. A custom cabinet can be created with intricate woodworking details that make your piece of furniture stand out. The piece will be wholly unique and can become a showpiece in your home. You can work with a custom cabinetry maker to create a china cabinet that has a classic, vintage look or opt for a more modern, sleek look. You can choose the type of wood, finish, shape and size of your china cabinet. You won’t have these options if you purchase pre-fabricated furniture.

Incorporating Bookcases into your Entertainment Center

Do you like to read? Do you have favorite books that you’d like to display? Do you collect vintage or other specialized books? You can display your books in traditional bookcases, but these may not fit into the décor of the main rooms in which you entertain. There is another option. If you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can incorporate bookcases into an entertainment center.

There are many pre-fabricated entertainment centers on the market, but they often don’t meet the desires of potential buyers. An entertainment center is often a major feature of a room and buyers like styles that coordinate with the overall décor of the home. A generic, mass-market entertainment center often detracts from the atmosphere of the room.

custom entertainment centerOne feature that many people like is bookcases within the entertainment center. Bookcases provide a variety of flexible options for owners. If you work with a custom cabinet designer, you can construct a piece of furniture that you can take pride in. You can also incorporate bookcases and other features that you desire. Bookcases can be integrated in a variety of ways. They may be on the sides, over the top or underneath. The entertainment center can also feature bookcases in more than one location.

These types of shelves aren’t just useful for books. You can use them for displaying figurines, plants, pictures and souvenirs. Many people request multiple shelves and use each shelf in a different way to create a pleasing display. This is one of the advantages of working with a custom woodworking company. The woodworker will be able to take all your ideas into consideration and come up with a style that you enjoy. You can revise plans until you get the custom style that most pleases you.

If you work with a custom cabinetry company, you will be involved in every stage of the process. You can show the woodworker the room and general style of your home so that the entertainment center will blend seamlessly with your décor. You can also select custom woodworking features that make your furniture attractive and functional.

Optimize Your Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are popular features in many homes. They serve a variety of functions. First, they break up larges space to make them seem more intimate. Next, they provide additional seating for guests. This type of seating is perfect for breakfasts, cocktails and other informal gatherings. Your kitchen island should be an important consideration when you start a kitchen remodeling project.

kitchen-islandIt’s critical that your kitchen island fits in smoothly with the style of your kitchen in general. When you are undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, creating a kitchen island should be an important focus. You’ll need to consider many features. What height is ideal? Do you want to be able to place bar stools around the island? Would you like the island to accommodate a tabletop stove? How much storage do you want the island to have? What other features, such as cabinets, sink, and appliances, does the island need to coordinate with?

Custom cabinetry designers are experienced with kitchen remodeling projects. They can help you set up the type of space you want to create during your kitchen remodeling undertaking. You can discuss the importance of your kitchen island and how you want it to fit in with the rest of your kitchen. A custom cabinetry designer can create a kitchen island that meets your unique needs. You’ll receive custom woodworking that you won’t be able to find in any store.

Custom woodworking has a look and feel that isn’t available in pre-fabricated pieces. You can select the color and type of wood to coordinate with your existing cabinets. Or, if you’re undertaking a more extensive kitchen remodeling project, you can design a complete kitchen including custom cabinets and a custom kitchen island.

Kitchen remodeling can be a significant investment of time and resources. You will want to spend time making sure that you have a kitchen that you can enjoy. A well-designed kitchen island will be the perfect place for people to gather. You will also have additional counter space for entertaining and preparing meals. Custom cabinetry can help you design a unique look that will be original and functional at the same time.

Customizing Your Kitchen for Entertaining

If you do a lot of entertaining, your kitchen is a critical space. People often gravitate towards the kitchen during parties. Many people take special pride in their kitchens because they are so often viewed by guests. Kitchens are also a good gathering space for casual meals and snacks. Many families spend more time in their kitchens together than they do in other rooms in the house.

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodeling project, you have a lot of choices to make. Your most important goal is making the kitchen as or more welcoming than it was before the kitchen remodeling project. Is there enough room for everyone to sit? Are there enough places to set plates and drinks? Are the colors and styles in the room inviting?

custom kitchenMany companies sell pre-fabricated pieces for kitchen remodeling projects. These pre-fabricated pieces seem like an easy way to update your kitchen, but you may find that they fall short of your ambitions for your kitchen. First, they may not maximize your ability to use all the space in your kitchen. This is especially important in galley kitchens or other smaller spaces. Secondly, the pre-fabricated pieces may look awkward in your kitchen because they aren’t designed specifically for your space. Many people who use stock products for their kitchen remodeling projects are dissatisfied with the results.

If you want a custom kitchen remodeling job, you should work with a skilled custom cabinet designer. You can explain your storage and style concerns. You can also discuss the type of entertaining you like to do in your home. The designer can help create custom kitchen cabinets that meet your specific needs. You can choose specific features for your project that aren’t available with standard kitchen remodeling approaches.

A custom kitchen cabinet designer can help you create cabinets that reflect your personal style. You can give input into the shape, style and combinations of your cabinets. The designer can use the type of wood and finish that you prefer. The cabinets can have soft close hinges so that they shut quietly no matter how hard they are closed. You can ask the designer to integrate custom woodworking features on the cabinets so they stand out from pre-fabricated cabinets and give your kitchen a unique look.

Upgrading is Easier than Moving

If you are unhappy with the layout of your home, you might be tempted to move. The downside to moving is that it is a huge investment of time and money. You may be missing an opportunity to make the most of the home you already have by making some renovations.

Older homes usually aren’t set up for modern media use. People often find that their televisions, stereos and other equipment look awkward or don’t fit easily into the current shape of their home. Instead of abandoning your home, you can upgrade the area through building a custom media center. This will make your house more modern. It will also greatly enhance your enjoyment of your living space.

custom cabinetsYou don’t have to resort to buying a cheap, pre-made media center. You can create a high end and artistic media center by working with a custom cabinetry designer. These companies have skilled woodworking professionals that can help you create a piece of furniture that fits in with your home and reflects your personal style. The custom cabinetry can also increase the value of your home by making it appear larger and high-end.

When you work with a custom cabinetry company, you are involved in all stages of design process of your media center. You can select the type of wood and finish that you prefer. Instead of picking from a pre-designed structure, you can work with a designer to create a shape that fits in with your home. A designer piece can fit in with an awkwardly shaped room. It will also make the most of all the space in the area you want to use.

The designer can help you find a shape and style that will perfectly accommodate all of the equipment you want in your media center. You can request customized storage space for DVDs, CDs, Blu-Rays or other media. The piece of furniture can have custom designs and flairs that make it stand out from other people’s furniture. If you build custom cabinetry into your home, you’ll increase the value of it over the long term. Custom cabinetry is very attractive to buyers so that down the road, when you want to sell, you’ll have a unique feature to advertise.

Don’t Compromise on Your Media Center

custom media centerMany families gather around the television to spend time watching movies and sports games. Digital entertainment is often the focal point of living and family rooms. Modern media often requires multiple pieces of equipment such as cable boxes, DVD/Blu-ray players and gaming systems. This equipment can accumulate and the pieces and cords can start to look messy and cluttered. When you add in games, movie cases and other accessories, the mess can escalate. That’s why a good media center is important. It is both functional and attractive. It organizes media and complements the design of your home.

Many furniture stores offer entertainment centers. The vast majority of these pieces look similar. When you purchase one, you have to make your media equipment work with the furniture instead of the other way around. Your pieces might fit awkwardly with the entertainment center. The furniture may not accommodate all your pieces of technology. You may end up with a media center that looks just as unorganized as it did before you bought the furniture.

Custom cabinetry will provide you with a variety of options for your media center. You can request a design that works naturally with the style of your home. A designer can create a piece of furniture that fits into a corner or works with an unusually shaped room. The custom cabinetry can be styled to accommodate all of your media pieces in any style that you wish. You can select the type of wood and finish that you prefer instead of picking from a limited number of choices. This way, you can create your ideal media center instead of settling for a piece that you find in a store.

You can work with a designer to create a polished look for your media center. You don’t have to choose from pre-fabricated designs. Instead, your designer can recommend woodworking details that will reflect your personal taste and fit in with the style of your home. The designer can create drawings with a range of options. You can then select features that you would like to add to your custom cabinetry. This way, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud of. Custom furniture is a work of art that your family will treasure.