The Advantages of an Indoor Swimming Pool

Most people own a pool that is outside, but some people enjoy the advantages of an indoor pool. You even may consider owning an indoor swimming pool yourself even you think only people who own mansions have one.  Why would people want an indoor swimming pool in their homes?

Advantages of an indoor pool

There are many advantages to owning an indoor pool. The one that comes to mind first is being able to go swimming anytime and during any season you want. Year around then you can go swimming after exercising, or you can use the pool as exercise itself as a cardio workout. If you don’t enjoy sharing a pool with crowds or onlookers, then an indoor pool would be perfect for you too. No crowds and complete privacy; your neighbors wouldn’t even see you. Too, many people who have various medical problems find relief in swimming especially if the pool is heated so indoor makes sense here. Another point for indoor pools is that there isn’t any winterizing needed since the pool is inside. Plus maintenance on an indoor pool is not as frequent since there isn’t any dust or debris falling in it, which means the pool won’t need cleaned as often.

Disadvantages of an indoor pool

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to indoor pools as well. An indoor pool can be pretty expensive. You will need to have a place to put it so you may need to build an addition onto your house to put the pool in. Also, with the water pumps, extra lighting, the water heating system and any other pool devices that you install, your electric bill will climb considerably too. Your water bill will go up also because of having to keep the pool filled year round instead of just seasonally.

Another option though to an indoor pool is to buy an aboveground pool for inside your home.  All you have to do then is build the room to put it in around the pool and have the pool installed by professionals so there aren’t any problems down the road.

So as you can see, having an indoor pool is actually a viable option for anyone who can afford one.

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