The Advantages of Security Storm Doors

Did you know that most home invasions happen right through the front door? It’s one of the most vulnerable areas of the home. Even the best locks don’t provide adequate door protection. This is because the frame of most doors can be easily be breached. If there is glass near the door handle, someone can break it and gain entry. A thief can use a crowbar to pull the frame away from the door and get inside. Your door protection relies heavily on the frame of the door.

Security storm doors offer optimal door protection. They not only protect your home from potential invaders but also provide protection from severe weather like hail, thunderstorms and hurricanes. Security doors will often immediately deter thieves because they’ll notice the strength of the door and leave to find an easier target. Home invaders have to move quickly so they look for the most vulnerable homes.

When you picture security storm doors, you may be picturing the unattractive steel doors you’ve seen on older storefronts. Actually, you have many options when it comes to finding a security door. Even some of the most basic, lower-cost designs are attractive and will fit in naturally with the design of your home. You can choose the colors and the style of the door. You can find a door that has different glass features and shapes that will give your home an attractive and unique style while still providing the door protection you need.

Storm DoorThere are some features that are important to door protection that you should be aware of. First, consider the hinge side of the door. This is often the site of forced entry. Find a door with a hardened vault pin that closes into sturdy door frame. This will secure the hinge part of the door. Next, look for a heavy-duty hinge that can’t be removed. The door should be solidly constructed and have a heavy gauge metal door frame.

Since security storm doors provide door protection from weather in addition to home invaders, look for details that will help protect your home. If the door has glass, it should be safety glass that fits tightly into the frame. This will provide you with an airtight seal that prevents hot or cold air from entering your home.

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