The Benefits of Adding a Second Bathroom Sink

Because bathroom renovation is such a significant undertaking, it’s worth the time and money to do the project right. If you scrimp on details, you’ll end up frustrated with the results. Your bathroom renovation investment also won’t reap as many financial benefits when it comes time to sell your home. If multiple people live in a home, they often use the bathroom sink at the same time to brush their teeth, dry hair, put on makeup and perform other activities. A second sink can make the room more functional and convenient by making space for multiple users.

custom bathroom sinkThe cabinets that hold double sinks are significantly longer than those that hold a single sink. This type of bathroom renovation provides a great deal more counter space for users. There are more places for storing materials on the sink. A custom cabinet can be created to fit underneath the double sink. The cabinet can be created in any style that you choose. Some customers request sliding drawers in a variety of styles. Large sliding drawers can be used to store towels and clothing. Smaller drawers can be created to hold toiletries and other supplies. You can request drawers in the width, length and depth that correspond to how you’ll use the space. You won’t have to cram things in where they fit. Instead, you’ll create spaces for the items you use in the way that you use them.

If you take advantage of the space underneath the double sink, you will get more functionality from your bathroom renovation. If you buy pre-made cabinets, you may have to compromise on the functionality or size. A custom cabinet can be built to any specifications you like. Custom cabinets will also fit exactly into the space you want. You can combine the area underneath both sinks to create a large shared space or divide it into separate spaces to create a private space for two users.

During a bathroom renovation, some homeowners choose to put mirrors directly over the double sink. Simple mirrors can be attractive but may not add enough functionality on their own. A designer can create cabinets or shelves that coordinate with mirrors. You can request shelves around the mirrors. The mirrors can also be built directly into cabinets that will provide valuable storage space as a part of your bathroom renovation.

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