The Best Built-In Storage Ideas

When you’re short of storage space, you need to look around and discover the possibilities. Because there are many “dead zones” in a home that with custom designed cabinets could be made into useful spaces. Dead zones are places where space isn’t properly used, but could be designed to be with the right contractor. Think about under your stairs to give an example. By installing shelves of descending heights, it would make a great bookcase and not take up any room otherwise being used. Or how about that little niche beside your fireplace? You can have shelves installed for extra storage or as display cabinets.

Also, areas below the windows are often ignored. By installing a custom-built cabinet under a window though, this takes dead space and makes it into something useful. So if the window is in a hallway outside the bathroom, the cabinet built can be used for storing the family’s linens and towels. If the window is off the dining room, the cabinet could be used to store china and good silverware. If you would decide not to put doors on the cabinet, it could be used for displaying treasured items.

Another idea is for a concealed workstation. The built-in area can be concealed by doors which blend into the décor of the room. Open the doors and you have a workstation with everything at your fingertips. Close the doors and you have a concealed area when not in use.

For a built-in pantry in your kitchen, here’s another idea in line with these ideas. Pick the area that you want to have built-in by the kitchen. It can be the end of a porch, a rarely used closet or a kitchen alcove. Have a qualified contractor then go over the ideas that you have thought about for your new pantry including shelves, cabinets and counters. Then have the design made. What’s nice too is that when it’s finally built, you can have doors on the front of it so that it blends into the wall while not taking up any kitchen floor room.

You can use dead space to make the most out of storage.

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