The Challenges of Today’s Social Media Manager

google +Social media managers have their work cut out for them. Whether you are working on your business image or a new brand, you need to be constantly penetrating niche markets, especially new ones as they appear. Let’s look at some of the challenges you might find yourself facing.

Content Asset Management

What many don’t realize is that all of your content are assets. If you were a financial manager, you would be carefully managing all of your financial assets. It’s the same when you are a social media manage, you should be carefully managing all of your content. Did you know that content can become very profitable? This can happen fast and for no obvious reason. If this happens to you, hopefully you have a content asset management strategy already in place so that you can boost your sales.

For example, you posted a blog almost 5 years ago, then today it ranks on page 1 of Google. Suddenly you receive tons of traffic from this old post. It would be a mistake to ignore what was going on and instead continue to focus on your new posts. It would be wise to see if you could figure out why suddenly this content is so hot and then turn that into an opportunity to make money.

Content Integrity

Social media managers have a tendency to copy the style, format, and tone that everyone else is using. To make sure your content is in line with your social media goals, and to ensure you maintain your integrity, you should develop your own set of parameters for the formating, spacing, tone, style, etc. that will apply to your social media. For example, you could use your own unique style on Twitter and Facebook to get more followers.

Good Enough Syndrome

One of the main challenges social media managers face is ‘what’s good enough?’ A common mistake is to think that if something sort of works, then it’s a win, and it’s good enough. This actually is wrong! Social media needs to go above and beyond. You need to pay close attention to detail. Average work isn’t acceptable.

Social media managers have their work cut out for them in what is still really much like the ‘wild west’ where the rules aren’t clear, especially for business owners. Another option you have is simply to hand this task over to a marketing company that ensures you get the most out of your social media.

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