The Difference between a Wet Bar and a Dry Bar

If you entertain frequently, you might consider having a permanent bar in your home. These features are becoming more popular in homes because they can make hosting parties convenient. If you decide to install a bar in your home, you have choice between a wet or dry bar. The difference between the two is that a wet bar has a sink and a drain
A dry bar has many useful features. What is a dry bar? It’s a furniture piece that can hold a wide variety of items. It can hold bottles, glasses and accessories. What are its advantages? A dry bar can be constructed to be portable which can be convenient. If you work with a custom cabinetry designer instead of buying a pre-made piece, you can incorporate your own ideas. You can choose the height of the bar and decide what kind of cabinets you want to incorporate into the piece. Some custom cabinetry customers want storage space for larger bottles or specialty glassware.
custom dry barA dry bar can be versatile. Many customers work with a custom cabinetry company to created hand-crafted cabinets that serve a variety of needs. The dry bar can double as a china cabinet, a buffet table or act as additional counter space in the kitchen. If you decide that you want a piece that is multifunctional, you should consult your cabinetry designer to discuss your specific needs.
A wet bar has to be constructed close to a plumbing line so that the sink can be connected. It can be constructed in a variety of styles to accommodate your home design and needs. You can work with a custom cabinetry designer to construct a bar that suits your needs. If you purchase a pre-fabricated bar, you won’t have as many options.
A custom cabinetry designer can help you identify the bar configuration that will work best for your needs. You should discuss the amount of storage space you need. It’s also important to identify the items you need to store such as glassware, bottles, napkins, decorations and other items. Custom cabinetry is a way to create the perfect space to help you entertain.

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