The History of Gold in Maricopa County

Copper Dike One of the most import steps in establishing an Arizona gold mining operations is understanding where to find gold. Often, the best potential mining areas are ones that have been productive in the past. Arizona has an extensive history as a rich source of gold. Maricopa County in particular has been a prominent part of gold mining history in the state. The area features mountain ranges and desert plains. It is located in southwest Arizona. The most significant sources of gold were found in the Cave Creek district, the Vulture district, the Wickenburg area and Red Picacho.

Arizona gold mining’s roots go back as far as 1863. Rich sources of gold were found in peaks like Antelope Hill. The most famous source of gold was called The Vulture Mine. This Arizona gold mining operation began in 1866 and became a large, productive business. It closed down in 1888. This mine became active again in the years 1910-1917. The mine again reopened in 1931 and closed in 1945. Prospectors were confident that there were other rich sources of gold in the area, but they were forced out of the vicinity by the Tonto Apaches, who were in control of the area.

The Maricopa County area has recently become an active area for Arizona gold mining. Good sources of gold have been found through metal detecting and dry washing. There are a variety of claims for sale in the area due to gold discoveries in the area. Maricopa County is ranked as the fifth most productive gold producing county in the state of Arizona.

The Wickenburg area of Maricopa County has many old Arizona gold mining sites. Many miners have found sources of gold that were left behind by old mines. Near the Hassayampa River, which is southeast of Wickenburg, there are abundant gold placers in the. These placers were very productive during the span of 1934 through 1949.

The Red Richaro area is a rich source for Arizona gold mining. The Red Richaro placers are located in the San Domingo District which is on the south flank of the Wickenburg Mountains. Placers are found in San Domingo Wash and many of its tributaries and washes. Prospectors have also found rich sources of gold on slopes and hill tops in the area.

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