The most common problems requiring air conditioner repair

There are many possible things that can go wrong with an air conditioner, and most of them will require an air conditioner repair technician to service the unit, the wiring, or the thermostat.

While there are many items that can potentially happen to an air conditioning unit, there are some problems that are a lot more common than others. Knowing these problems can make it simpler to prevent them, since many of the most common problems really stem from a handful of issues… some of them being preventable. However, this knowledge can also give you an advantage when trying to communicate the problem to your certified air conditioner repair technician; HVAC repair personnel can often diagnose a problem right over the phone if you can give them enough information.

  1. Faulty wiring is often causes hugs problems. This can be prevented by having your wiring inspected each year by an air conditioner repair company. If your unit does not seem to be putting out cold air, you may be low on refrigerant; and this is usually a pretty simple fix.
  1. Another problem that air conditioner repair technicians run into is that the fans are not spinning. This means that air will not circulate. Air conditioner service is definitely in order if this is one of your problems.
  1. Sometimes, your air conditioner coil will freeze up, which can really play havoc with your system. An air conditioner repair tech will not only have to thaw out the coil, but will also have to find out what caused the problem in the first place. A dirty filter (especially if you have pets or other animals) can really contribute to this problem, so making sure that you have a clean filter installed can help to prevent this problem from occurring.