The Whole Health Approach to Your Pet’s Health

pet dental careYou may be surprised to hear your veterinarian talk about the importance of holistic medicine when it comes to pet care. After all, this is a term that we are used to hearing only when it comes to humans. When you think about it, though, holistic medicine makes a lot of sense when it comes to the concept of pet care. It means taking an approach that takes the whole pet’s health into consideration, instead of just thinking about a single disease or health issue.

When a veterinarian discusses holistic medicine for your pet, he or she will discuss caring for the whole animal. This includes nutrition, exercise and any medical treatments that your pet may need. One of the goals of holistic care is to reduce the number of medications and treatments that your dog or cat may need down the road. The veterinarian may recommend that you take a proactive approach towards pet care by making sure that your pet has a low body weight and is getting plenty of exercise

A good example of holistic pet care is the approach some veterinarians take with large dogs and the onset of arthritis. If your dog is showing signs of arthritis, the doctor may recommend that your pet gets gentler forms of exercise, such as walking or swimming instead of running and jumping to preserve the animal’s joints. The veterinarian will try to avoid medications that may treat arthritis but can lead to undesirable side effects for the dog. In some cases, medication may be necessary but can still be combined with other treatments to give your pet more relief. Other treatments may include a weight loss plans, massage and acupuncture, all of which have been shown to give pets relief from pain.


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