Uniform Franchise Offering Circulars and Franchisees

What is a Uniform Franchise Offering Circular (UFOC) and how does it apply to franchisees? This is a common business law question for franchisors and potential franchisees. When someone agrees to open a franchise, they incur a variety of financial and legal obligations. The UFOC outlines all this information which is why it is such an important business law document. Because these agreements are new to most potential franchisees, they will benefit from working with an experienced attorney.

franchisingThe UFOC contains critical information for the franchisee and no one should consider proceeding without this information. Business law requires franchisors to provide all the information contained in an UFOC to potential franchisees. This is one way business law protects franchisees.

The UFOC is a complex document. It is a good idea to work with an attorney to review the information it contains. Many UFOCs contain a great deal of legal information and can be confusing for someone without business law experience. An attorney can evaluate the UFOC and explain unfamiliar terms. The attorney can also explain how the information in the document will affect the franchisee.

A UFOC is made of three parts and contains 23 sections. These sections describe various aspects of the franchising organization’s program. It should contain audited financial statements, a copy of all forms and contracts the franchisee must sign and details of the obligations the franchisee is undertaking. A UFOC contains details that affect many business law issues such as dispute regulation, contract termination, restrictions, trademarks and fees.

An attorney can help the franchisee understand the complete picture of the potential franchise relationship. What initial investment is necessary? Do all aspects of the UFOC meet relevant business law regulations? What obligations does the franchisee have in terms of actually operating the franchise? What happens if the franchisor or the franchisee declares bankruptcy?

The UFOC gives the potential franchisee a picture of the financial health of the franchisor. The financial statements may be complex, but a qualified attorney can explain the information these documents contain. The UFOC will also contain a list of other outlets, territory restrictions and many other critical pieces of information.

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