Unique Kitchen Features

There are many ways to make your kitchen your own when planning a kitchen rehab. Beautiful custom cabinets are usually the first item on the remodeling agenda so you can start here. You can have cabinets designed to suit whatever needs you have and also made to your specifications. Even clear down to the specially designed spice rack hanging to the left of your stove.

white-kitchenAlso, because a kitchen can be an expression of you, don’t be afraid to put your personality into it. You can mix styles and unique features which are all you if you do this. So maybe you want a double-decker pot drawer or a vegetable bin which is ventilated, cool and dark. Or how about installing a cutting board which you can pull out over a garbage bin which then saves messes from collecting on the counter. Just cut up what needs cut and brush the remaining garbage right into the garbage can.

Too, walls can be another way to express your personal taste. You can decide to use wallpaper or paint; the color and patterns are all you. You want to keep in mind easy care and cleanup though. Too, use colors that inspire you or colors from places you’ve been. Maybe you enjoy the ocean as an example. Well you could hang up a fishing net complete with seashells and a starfish as a background wall. Or perhaps you’re more country and want the rough knothole barn look, complete with window boxes for fresh easy to reach herbs.

If the high tech streamlined look is more you, install stainless steel appliances and glass surfaces with an island in the middle for cooking and eating. To complete the look, industrial light fixtures for that clean techno appearance are good. Or maybe a more country niche is what you’re about with roses and flowers everywhere. Or fluffy curtains at the windows, old fashioned wooden kitchen table and butcher block counters. Perhaps, an open faced jelly closet in your kitchen with your best china on display as well as jelly glasses on your window sill is you.

A kitchen can be an extension of you and the style or styles you enjoy. When deciding on a kitchen rehab, don’t be afraid to put what you want in your kitchen.

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