What Do I Bring to a Dog Daycare?

dog boneIt’s tempting to pack a lot of things to reduce your pet’s stress at the dog daycare. Actually, you shouldn’t bring a lot of accessories from home. Dogs can get confused by smells from home. They are usually more comfortable with the toys and smells of the doggie daycare when they are there.

Most doggie daycare facilities recommend that you do not bring your dog’s own toys or rawhide treats with them. Dogs can become possessive and this can lead to conflicts with other dogs. The dog daycare should provide adequate toys for pets. Since those toys don’t belong to any individual dog, there is a much lower likelihood of conflict among the animals. If your pet needs special treats due to a medical condition, talk with the dog daycare employees about the situation.

The most important thing you will need to bring is your pet’s medical records. It’s important that the facility knows that your animal is in good health. Your dog will need all of its shots before it can attend doggie daycare. You will need to have a report from a recent veterinarian visit.

You may be tempted to bring a special blanket or other item to comfort your dog during the day. Most doggie daycare facilities advise against this. The dog can be territorial about the items. Also, the smells make depress the dog and make it less interested in socializing. Let the dog separate from you by letting him or her enjoy the kennel environment.

Typically, the dog daycare facility will not want you to bring food for your pet. Generally, the dogs are much more interested in socializing with each other, playing with toys and exercising. Animals will be provided with plenty of water to keep them cool and hydrated. You should feed your dog at home. In some special cases, dogs need to be fed. If your pet has medical issues or is a young puppy, it may need to eat during the day. Talk to the staff about how to manage feeding during the day if your dog has particular needs.

After a full day of playing, your dog will probably be exhausted. He or she will probably be hungry and then go to sleep soon after eating. That’s how you know your dog has had a good day at the dog daycare and is getting the interaction and exercise he or she needs.

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