What is a Wet Bar?

A wet bar is often in hotel guest rooms, but some homeowners have them installed in their game rooms or finished basements. A wet bar is great for entertaining because you have everything that is needed right at your fingertips. The wet bar has a sink with running water so cleaning up, washing glasses or even adding water to a drink is more convenient. Plus, by having a wet bar in your area of entertaining, you can serve drinks faster because you can clean glasses as they are being used instead of having them stack up with you then searching for more glasses later.

mancave-barMost of the in-home wet bars are constructed from wood, but the counters may be laminated so cleaning up spills is easier. However; some wet bars may be made from stainless steel instead. This type of bar is more expensive, but it also has a greater endurance. Something to think about too is that you don’t have to go traditional, but you can have a wet bar custom made instead. With the large array of different finishes and designs, there is a look which should definitely suit your tastes.

In addition, a wet bar may have either a bar space or counter with cupboards under it for storage of glasses or other bar items. Most of the cabinets have adjustable shelves so that you can adjust the height to whatever is necessary to store bottles of different sizes and glassware too in their varieties. Also, the cabinets usually have doors that can be opened and closed to keep a neater appearance.

Also, a wet bar can come with a space for a small refrigerator so that you can keep drink mixers cold. This will save you from running up and down stairs if you want items which need refrigerated. The refrigerator too is handy when you want to chill drinks or in keeping cold mixtures which have been made previously.

When you have a wet bar for entertaining, it can make your job as a host or hostess easier. Everything is right at your fingertips to keep your guests happy and everything running smoothly.

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