What to Look for in Custom Cabinet Design

When having your custom kitchen cabinets designed, there are some things that you should ask your kitchen designer. After all, good custom designed cabinets will last a long time before you’ll need new ones, and quality is a big investment. So to make sure that you get what you want, below are some questions to ask your kitchen designer; or the cabinetmaker if you can:

  • What type of wood will the cabinets be made from? You want a good solid wood core and for the face frames, a solid hardwood. This combination will make for longevity of product.
  • What type of finishes will be used? A shop sprayed pre-catalyzed lacquer will give the best finish. Also, find out if the kitchen cabinets will be sprayed in shop or on site because you don’t want to be around the fumes, and on site means fumes in your home. If you have cabinets with glass doors or no doors at all also, the inside of the cabinets should be finished so they match the outside of the cabinets too. Additionally then, the shelves should be stained to match as well.
  • What type of hardware will be used on the cabinets and kitchen drawers? If good hardware is used, then opening and closing the doors and drawers will be easier, and the hardware will last longer. Under mount soft-close is the best option and soft-close features will keep drawers from banging shut. Ask if the hardware is made from cold rolled steel or the more cheaply cast pewter also.
  • How long will the custom designed cabinets take to make and then install? The time frame on this can affect how soon your kitchen will be ready to use. Have the designer make a note additionally that if any delays happen that you want to be notified.
  • Is installation included? This is important because the cabinetmaker knows his or her own work, and the cabinet maker has seen your kitchen layout. So if the cabinetmaker installs the cabinets, then any adjustments that need to be made can be completed best by the person who built them.

It’s exciting to have custom designed cabinets in your kitchen. By asking the right questions, you’ll have peace of mind when ordering your new kitchen cabinets.

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