When is It Time for New Kitchen Cabinets?

A high quality custom kitchen cabinet may last up to 50 years, if taken care of properly. But if you’ve moved into a home which already has cabinets, you really don’t necessarily know how long they’ve been there. Plus; depending upon the wear and tear of the kitchen cabinets, they may not be old, but worn out. So what are some signs that your kitchen cabinets may need to be replaced?

  • If your cabinets are damaged by water: If your cabinets have dark spots, the doors are shutting with difficulty; or the cabinets are swollen, you have water damage. Water damage occurs because most cabinets are made from wood, and woods is damaged by water easily. Since there is a lot of moisture in a kitchen, this is a common problem.
  • You find your cabinets frustrating to use: If you find it difficult to find things in your cabinetry and you have to move one thing to find another, you may need to replace your cabinets. Or if two doors bang into each other when you open two at once. Or if your drawers make a weird sound when opening; or get stuck, new custom designed cabinets may be needed.
  • If your cabinets are soft: If you push on the sides of your cabinets and they give, that’s not a good sign. This means your cabinets are damaged and may soon fall apart. They need replaced as soon as possible.
  • If your cabinets are moldy: Mold can grow anywhere, and that includes inside your kitchen cabinets. If it’s found out early enough, it can be cleaned off and the growth of mold stopped. However; if it isn’t found out in time, then it can develop into something severe. This can be a health problem for you and your family. So you’ll need to find the source of the mold and then replace your cabinets.

Replacing your cabinet when it’s time is a good thing to do.

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