When to Use Oil Digesters

Oil build up is a natural problem in swimming pools and spas. When people use the water, the oils from their skin are transferred into the water. This includes skin lotions, makeup, insect repellents, soaps and sunscreens. Over time, the oil builds up and becomes visible. You’ll be able to see oil floating on the surface of the pool. Spas show signs of oil buildup as well as pools. The water will begin to foam if there is too much oil in the water. There are swimming pool chemicals that can digest the oil in the water to eliminate the problem.

It’s especially important to treat oil with swimming pool chemicals after the water has had heavy usage such as after parties. Proper water balance will control minor oil issues. Your pool filter can also handle most minor amounts of oil but using the pool often requires proactive treatment with swimming pool chemicals.

pool oilIt’s natural for an area that is constantly wet and exposed to bathers to develop oil problems. If oil isn’t treated with swimming pool chemicals, it can result in several problems. The oil will build up on the filter and make the filter less effective. The oil can cause to scum build up along the pool’s water line. Oil can also build up on tile and require extensive cleaning if it isn’t treated right away.

Your filter will need to be cleaned occasionally even if you treat the water effectively with swimming pool chemicals. However, the better care you take of the water, the less need there will be for costly filter cleaning. Sand filters can go three to four years without cleanings if the water is properly maintained.

Oil Out Enzyme is a simple way to treat oil in your pool. You can pour the product into the pool while the filter is running. If the oil buildup is severe in particular areas, pour the product directly onto the oil. You may need to repeat the process after several days if the problem remains. Many pool owners find it helpful to add a maintenance dose to the pool on a weekly basis to prevent future buildup.

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