Which Office Design Works for You

Choosing an office design style which works for you is a matter of personal choice. Now if you like less in the way of what is in the office, this is now in style; with sleek modern cabinets, so the contemporary look may be desirable. This style goes with neutral colors, black and white; with accents of bold colors. In addition, the use of lines and space is one of the most distinctive elements in contemporary style. So what you don’t hang on your walls is as important as what you do.

55965693 - modern office interiorThe furniture you choose should also be simple and uncluttered. So a custom made desk may be right then, without any fancy details or decoration, just clean lined and functional. Now for your floor, you may want to choose wood, vinyl or tile; keeping it bare and smooth. For both texture and color, you can add area rugs to give it some interest.

On the other hand, if you go with traditional style, you’ll have a blend between modern equipment and more intricate cabinets and wall units. The furniture for this type of office usually has a mahogany tone and a more welcoming style. Additionally, natural colors such as creams and beiges can be combined with a wood grained finished furniture. To add a pop of color navy blue, dark green and burgundy can be used too. An ornate rug then can be used to add a warmer touch to the room.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing colors for your office though is that the brighter the colors used, regardless what style you choose, the less seriously your office will be taken. You have to remember to choose colors for your office that match with the age of your clients then, the business you are in and if your clients are male or female.

In the end, your office is an extension of yourself and how you present yourself to your clients. Therefore; a style which works for you is the first step to promoting your business and you.

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