Why Choose a Custom Built Hideaway Bed?

Sometimes you need to use an extra room for a home office or craft room, but you also need it as a bedroom for unexpected company or overnight guests, but where is the available space for both? You can’t have your guests sleep on an office desk or sewing machine table. So what’s an alternate solution besides a blowup mattress that the cat always destroys? Why not have a custom designed hideaway bed built into a room wall so that you have a work or fun room and a guestroom too? This bed can be the answer to this kind of a problem and here’s why.

  • Hideaway beds are designed to add as much space as they take away. When the bed isn’t in use, it folds up into the wall and the wall blends into the décor then. So you can have both style and multi-functionality here.
  • It can be used in a teenager’s bedroom to give more space in the day while having a sleep area at night. It also takes care of that “hiding dirty clothes under the bed” issue.
  • It can be used in a craft room during the day with the bed being pulled down for company in the evening. Your company won’t be sleeping on the couch anymore.
  • These beds can be custom designed with increased storage in mind. Some beds can be hidden behind shelves which then rotate to either side out of the way. The bed comes down, and the shelves are still intact. Storage space and comfort all in one.
  • You can have a single hideaway bed designed so that it looks like a storage cabinet with matching custom shelves on either side. The bed pulls down between the shelves. In the day, the bed is folded back into the wall again.

Another thought too, is to have built in hideaway cabinets. These shelves can be used additionally for files and other things which may clutter up a small room. When someone walks into your room, all they see is a nice neat and clutter free room then.

There are ways to have overnight guests without a big fuss which still gives them somewhere comfortable to sleep.

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