Why Choose To Board Your Dog?

dog boardingYour dog is your best friend. You take him everywhere with you. However, sometimes it is impossible to smuggle him along on a long excursion, such as a vacation to a tropical island or a business trip across the country. Dog owners frequently discover that it is not easy to find hotels that allow pets. Additionally, long car rides can be stressful on a dog that is energetic and used to moving around often.

What is the best option for your dog? Do you let him remain at home and ask a neighbor to stop in and feed him once a day? Or is there a better choice?

To ensure that your dog receives superior care while you are away, your best bet is to board him at a first-rate kennel or pet hotel. While a neighbor or friend may have the best intentions to take good care of your dog while you are away, the truth is that your dog may be neglected.

The benefits of a good dog boarding facility are numerous. First, your dog will not spend large amounts of time alone. A quality kennel will have a human being on site 24 hours a day. Your dog will be supervised. You will not have to worry whether he has been fed on time. Meal times will be routine and you can even supply your dog’s usual brand of food.

If there are any emergency health issues while you are away, the staff at the kennel can notify you immediately. If you have given permission, they can contact a veterinarian quickly if immediate treatment is necessary. A lot of dog boarding facilities even have a vet on call.

Another great thing about a kennel is that the staff will regularly exercise your pet in a safe area. A lot of kennels have indoor and outdoor exercise areas. An indoor exercise area is important in case of bad weather. If your dog is unable to go outside because of rain, snow, etc., then the staff can exercise him in the indoor area. In Arizona where the summers regularly hit triple digits an indoor dog park is a must.

While boarding your dog may not be desirable, sometimes it is absolutely necessary and in your dog’s best interest. Consider the advantages of a dog boarding facility before you leave your dog alone at home during your next big trip.

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