Why We Love Instant Hot Water

Living in cooler climates can be extremely tough because cold water can be so cold it’s painful to the touch. Thankfully in Arizona, our temperatures are mild in comparison to the rest of the globe, but occasionally we do a have very cold days. During the winter, your hot water heater is continuously working to keep its water warm and toasty, and if your unit is stored in the garage it will work even harder, costing you more money because the temperature in the garage is not usually regulated and can be cold. To help cut down on your heater’s work – because after all its constantly working to keep your hot water hot – try wrapping the unit with an approved water heater blanket, attach your garden hose to the faucet and flush it annually, and install a whole house filter to help cut down on hard water deposits.

The best way to save your money as well as enjoy hot water is to install a purification system coupled with a hot water recirculation system so your hard water is filtered while providing you with instant hot water on demand. Installing a whole house filter has several advantages like it reduces chlorine content in your water which improves the taste and reduces bad water odor. Moreover, the high flow rate of water is now cleaner and clearer from every tap of your home.

Why You Need Instant Hot Water

As water rates continue to rise, homeowners are looking to save money anywhere they can. With a hot water recirculating unit, the average household can potentially save 16,000 gallons of H2O every year. That’s an average savings of $160 and in some cases the savings can be greater depending on your overall usage – in many cases the more water you use, the higher your cost per gallon.