Why You Should Use WordPress as Your Website’s CMS

wordpressWordPress has grown from a blog site to so much more. In fact, today it’s by far the most popular CMS (Content Management System) for building a website. Of course, you can still build a blog, but it’s important to realize you can do so much more!

The Difference Between Non CMS Websites and WordPress

When a developer builds a website with standard HTML, he/she creates a static template. Using this template each of the web pages is created and then it saves as its own file. Each page will contain both the template (presentation layer) and the content (content layer) for that page. This file is then uploaded to the site. If you want to make a change, big or small, to the content of the web page, you need to change the file and then upload it again. You always risk messing up your formatting during this process.

WordPress handles this differently, because all of the content is stored in a database. That means anytime you need to change content it’s very easy and you never have to be worried about messing up your template. The template or presentation layer and the content layer are always stored separately.

Great, so we’ve established why WordPress is better because it uses a content management system (CMS); now let’s look at for more reasons why this CMS based platform is a great choice.

4 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Website

  1. The Ease of Content – You will find it is easy to create, edit, and manage all of your content. Once your site has been designed by your marketing team, you will be able to easily manage your content, without worry of destroying your template.

  2. Business Branding – This is an easy way to brand your website and business, making it an excellent choice for business. Your customers and potential customers need to recognize your business and your website is a powerful tool for achieving this.

  3. Extensibility – WordPress is Open Source, which means it offers a continuously growing and expanding number of developers who are constantly creating new themes and new plugins, including social media plugins, extending the functionality.

  4. Support – There is a very large support network for WordPress. You can find an experienced marketing and design company to create your website using WordPress.

WordPress with its content management system functionality offers you a superior alternative to non CMS functionality. Your marketing team will design your site to maximize your branding and exposure.

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