WordPress Tips for Small Business Owners

WordpressWordPress is a great platform for website development and the following tips will surely help you make the most of WordPress.


WordPress Tip #1: Use WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts

WordPress has keyboard shortcut keys that may come in handy if you do a lot of editing. There are shortcuts for bold text, italicized, underlined, etc. You can see a full list of the shortcut keys by clicking the Help button followed by the Hotkeys tab.


WordPress Tip #2: Schedule Blog Posts for the Future

Many website developers will posts blog regularly whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly. Fortunately, WordPress allows you to schedule future posts, so you don’t necessarily have to be at the computer when the blog posts goes live. This way, you can write your posts in advance and have them scheduled to post while you are on vacation. To do this, simply click on the blue “Edit” button next to “Publish Immediately” button. Here you can choose the date you would like the post to be published instead of publishing it immediately.


WordPress Tip #3: Get the Jetpack Plugin

The Jetpack plugin is a must have for all website developers using WordPress. This plug in will allow you to create a basic contact form, share your pages and posts on social networks, add images to your sidebar, track your visitors, offer comment subscription, and much more.


WordPress Tip #4: Start a Mailing List

WordPress offers a free mailing list plug-in. With a mailing list, you can provide users access to your content even if they are not visiting your website frequently. This gives your more control in the flow of communication and can help you increase your website traffic by reminding users of your website. By subscribing to your mailing list, what would have been a one-time viewer becomes a regular viewer.


WordPress Tip #5: Hire a Marketing Company to Help Brand the Site for Your Business

A marketing professional can look at your business from an outside perspective and develop your brand identity in ways that you cannot. Find a marketing company that is skilled in WordPress to help brand your page. Once your brand identity is established, you can easily post blogs and update content yourself.